Dog Walking 101 – 5 Steps


Having trouble walking your dog? These 5 steps are so easy a child can do it! Just watch out for ice! This was a high school video project in the year 2000.

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    25 Responses to “Dog Walking 101 – 5 Steps”

    1. LittleDudeKid says:

      Omg! the doggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: ….

    2. picklesily55 says:

      aww poor doggie he could of died

    3. SuitingNewt says:

      dogs don’t need scarfs.

    4. superfuckayou says:

      and you were 9 then?

    5. THESLINGSHOTchannel9 says:

      1:50 epic face

    6. 991705991705 says:

      woah was that a new community in 2000? And it looks like those empty lots are now houses now!

    7. drewsky684 says:

      She is constantly out of breath…does she have respiratory issues?

    8. drewsky684 says:

      bwajaja. I was not expecting the dog to be dead at 00:28. That dog is almost as funny as the cupcake zombie dog

    9. clubpenguinrocksism says:

      when putting the leash,it looks like shes chocking the dog.and o ya.its realy lonely where you live.

    10. MrLegodude1234567890 says:

      @HumorOfTW0 he probably had it in his computer for 10 years

    11. HumorOfTW0 says:

      @MeMyselfAndPi when did you make this video. she 7. probly 17 now. you tube is 4 years old

    12. paokthes says:

      the dog is like ,wtf?? at 2 :10

    13. sassiesk8r says:

      if anyone is watching this to reference HOW TO WALK YOUR DOG….use this as a what NOT to do reference……. and generally just so everyone knows…CHOKERS are for training…NOT walking…poor dog…..

    14. BluePi1313 says:

      @Chaserc428 amber is a girl’s name.

    15. BluePi1313 says:

      ummm… poof, there goes your privacy. Your last name was mentioned.

    16. zetagundam123 says:

      WHOS Amber Hansen

    17. makeupfreak1234 says:

      no offence but why would you even let your dog on the ice i mean you never know how far he could go then she could fall and die. just sayin

    18. ktj9139 says:

      Why would your dog fall in the water?

    19. joemarie83 says:

      is she a labrador retriever?

    20. Myselfandmycube says:

      Are you that ?!

    21. KrYp7on1t3 says:

      oh so ur 2 years older?

    22. Pizzscn says:

      I am SO glad I’m not her dog. UGH!! O, and I knew the ice would crack! I said in my head “crack” and well, crack!

    23. btbailey2 says:

      werth it

    24. NerdGradeA1 says:

      poar goggie. felled in the water.

    25. Chaserc428 says:

      ur sister is 16 now wow when did u film this and u were 8 rite because now ur 17 rite