Dog Sleeping in Bed Like Person


She sleeps better than me. :/ Also, that’s my friend sleeping in the background who might kill me once she sees herself on youtube.

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    23 Responses to “Dog Sleeping in Bed Like Person”

    1. CarmenChavez22 says:

      Thats so funny our mini pin Sofia sleeps like that too she also snores haha your dog is so cute!

    2. livviecute45 says:

      my dog is the same and she is a rat terrier she sleeps like a human!lolz and it is true

    3. CrimsonNightmare says:

      XD Yeah! She’s so lazy, I bet if she were a human, she’d never get up for school. :3

    4. DotArtistas says:

      Dog just laying down to bed because he is bored to get up and clears his eyes… At 0:01 he sees you.
      Dog: I’d better act that I am sleeping so i don’t go to school.
      Then he looks like sleeping! 😛

    5. p0ggles says:

      LMAO the other dog was curious comes in out of nowhere! LOLZ

    6. beautiifulmessxx says:

      hey just wondering how did your mini get so big…like what kind of food do you give her?

    7. shlapicamala says:

      my minpin sleeps like that 🙂

    8. Citybust says:

      Aw 🙂 How lovely, how cute! 🙂

    9. a2freaky says:

      ok thanks

    10. CrimsonNightmare says:

      I’ll get right on it 😀 Just keep checking my videos X3

    11. a2freaky says:

      doing tricks, playing, anything will be great 🙂

    12. CrimsonNightmare says:

      Lol okay XD What do you want her to do?

    13. a2freaky says:

      can u make a video of him (the dachshund) plz???

    14. CrimsonNightmare says:

      Miniature Dachshund :3

    15. a2freaky says:

      the one on the ground he s so cute. is he a beagle or some kind of hound ?

    16. CrimsonNightmare says:

      The sleeping one or the on the ground? :3

    17. a2freaky says:

      oh my god i loved that small doggie.

    18. CrimsonNightmare says:

      Thank you. She’s so spoiled. :/

      I need more videos of her. <3

    19. murphyjjl says:

      so cute

    20. CrimsonNightmare says:

      Aw thanks <3


    21. CrimsonNightmare says:


    22. smedoroonie says:

      lo thats soo cute

    23. RottenGospel says:

      YOU WHORE.