Dog sitting help needed ASAP!!?


I am dog sitting two dogs for my neighbors that live across the street. They are two boy Westies. The owners warned me that they would use the bathroom in the house the first couple of days, but after that they should be fine. They left house breaking pads that home and garden cleaner to help. I have been watching these dogs since Sunday and they are still peeing and pooping in the house. I was instructed to check on the dogs three times a day, but I have had to go more like seven. The dogs will pee and poop on all the housebreaking pads and even on the tile. I am at a total loss but I cannot keep cleaning up these messes several times a day… I have resulted to zipping them in their crate during the night. I am thinking about keeping them in their crate at all times and going over through out the day to just let them out to wander and use the bathroom outside. They spend most of the day in their crate as it is and only leave it to relieve themselves in the house. Since I am watching them and they are not my dogs I can’t do the traditional stick their nose in the pee thing. What can I do to make these dogs stop using the bathroom in the house? Also what is the best way to get pee out of tile grout? Thank you.

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    1. Rather B Fishing says:

      Angel Wolf 13 had some good ideas. Go more often like you have been doing. Keep cleaning. I had the same problem when a dog sat last year. Can you block off an area like the kitchen?

    2. Lulu says:

      Let them out side like 3 times a day. Don’t let them back in until they do their "stuff" at lest 2 of the 3 times. That should do them for the day.

    3. Angel Wolf 13 says:

      Great that you live across the street, as this will be an easy task to train them to go outside. Call the owner and report what is going on. Now, start your morning with a walk for the dogs, about 20 minutes. Bring them in and feed them; walk again til they go. Praise, possible treat. Back in, 15 minutes of light play, out again for final pee, and crate them. Nap time.

      Go back 3 hours later. Out of crate, water, walk, and a good play time, about an HOUR of toys, and a really good run around yard, or leash walk. Tire them out. Repeat crate time; nap again.

      Return at dinner time. Feed, walk, play, tire them out… Return to crate again.

      Repeat for final time of night. Walk, play, attention, and tire them for the evening. Bed time till tomorrow.

      At no time will they be using pads. That only trains them to go in the house. By the time the owners return, the dogs will have gotten used to the routine. After about 3 days of this routine, see if you can corral them in a tiled area. Spread a dollar store heavy duty tablecloth down, without a pee pad and provide kong type toys to occupy them. Stay on schedule, and see if they pee in house. If not, back to the crate system.

      DO NOT EVER RUB NOSES IN PEE OR POOP! This ridiculous and downright abusive practice went out with the "Beverly Hillbillies!" No one does that any longer, thanks to the millions of dog training books and video/internet sources.

      So, as you can see, the OWNERS trained the dogs to pee in the house. You can break this habit; they must continue the schedule.

      Get the urine scent out of the tile by purchasing any one of the products designed to remove the ammonia. I have found that if I used regular cleaning products that CONTAINED ammonia, it was still appealing to the cat/dog. White Vinegar and water was what I used to neutralize odor.

    4. Alex D says:

      if u have a backyard let them out in there.
      or each hour let them outside to pee and poo.
      and if they go give them a treat. if they dont then dont give them a treat.
      and if they do pee in ur house hit them not hard at all. more or less a pat and put them in the crate for half an hour.

    5. dog's best friend says:

      Did your neighbor leave a contact number? If so, give them a call and tell them what’s going on and ask if it’s ok with them if you have them crated during the day and you are still over to take them on walks for exercise. You should have them crated at night anyways, so the daytime is the real concern. The dogs would be just fine to be crated for several hours during the day, as long as you are over there as much as you can to play with them and give them lots of love. I think it was vey smart of you to think of asking on Answers, and hopefully you’ll get good tips. But do give the owners a quick call and let them know the dogs are fine and you just want to know what they would like you to do.

      Good luck