Dog releaving himself on door stoop/rug?

Dog releaving himself on door stoop/rug?


I adopted a puppy back in February. He is no about 8 months old and I must say he has improved A LOT since we have had him. Were thinking the previous owners shut him in a kennel 24/7. At first he was VERY hyper, nervous and just plain wild. Now he has bonded with both of us and he is absolutely precious and is a major part of our family. He has done ok on house training, were still working very hard on the inside training. He does suffer from a some deep seperation anxiety our vet tells us. When we leave him in the crate to go somewhere he eliminates in the crate then steps all in it, he also chewed his collar off and his baby sisters…..anyway my point is he gets obviously scared by him self. Well every time we let him out in the back yard to potty he potties on the door stoop or the rug by either back door. Its almost like he is saying "You left me out here so Im going to pay you back". I know he isnt saying that and he is just a special needs boy but I need some help on training him otherwise. When I go out with him he wont use the bathroom because he is so worried about me and where I am going. Then we walk back inside and he pees on the floor because he realizes he has to go no when he is calm. But that is a seperate issue. How can I teach him to not go on the door step and rugs? Also we have heard to use poroxide, bleach, cleaners etc to get the smell out and it may be too late so we were told to paint the patio???

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  1. john ross says:

    for cleaning the outdoor area, just spray it down with water daily and use a little bleach about once a week. Let it set a few minutes them spray it off. He just needs more time to adjust because of his past. Be patient and loving. Let him know that this is home and he doesn’t have to worry now.