´╗┐ dog puking bile once maybe twice a day?

dog puking bile once maybe twice a day?


shes a little over a year old lab/pointer mix. she acts normal eats normal. just pukes at random and a daily occurrence. sounds like shes putting a lot of effort into puking though. she’ll heave about 20 times before anything comes up theres never a lot. then she licks it back up immediately after it hits the floor. and theres no time for me to clean it up. i used to have a dachshund that would puke to get attention when he was left in his kennel while we were eating or goin to bed for the night. could she be doing the same thing? she mostly does it when shes in her kennel and weve walked by her without paying attention to her.
her poop and pee is normal too. by looks and schedule.
she gets 2 cups of dog food everyday… she does this whether she eats or not. and she eats no problem she loves her food.
if i give her 3 cups a day she starts gaining weight. 2 is just right for her.

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    2 Responses to “dog puking bile once maybe twice a day?”

    1. bell says:

      Thats not normal, have you talked to your vet about it? If you havent you really need to give them a call. she could have something in her throat or stomach causing that.

    2. Wheaten Mom says:

      Not doing it to get attention.

      Calling and going to the vet is a really good idea. Not much help we can provide on YA.

      Is she eating enough? Eating at all? Maybe her stomach is puking the bile up because she is not getting enough to eat.

      Vet. Vet. Vet.