dog pen liner?


I have two puppies, due to long hours away from home I have felt guilty to leave them in their kennel all day. I am away from home up to 14 hours a day at a time. (they were given to me as a gift, i would not have gotten them under these circumstances) any way. I have purchased a good sized "pen" so they will have room to move around. They are in the process of being trained and do rather well but sometimes due to length of time, they still have an accident. I want to know what i can put in the bottom of the pen to protect my floor. they tear up the pee pads and I need something to protect the floor that they can not tear up it anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks.

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    2 Responses to “dog pen liner?”

    1. mandee pandy says:

      If it is an exercise pen then they make liners that go around the bottom of the pen. You can find these at petco or petsmart. Then you could put the puppy pads also to get them used to having them there. They will eventually stop tearing them up.

    2. Free says:

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