Dog Of Man

Dog Of Man


A heart-warming tale of a man and his dog.

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25 Responses to “Dog Of Man”

  1. ElllaGee says:

    2:20 – 2:25
    ^^^ the guy enjoys that dog. O.o
    I like these videos, they’re like cool and weird?! 😀


    and i thought salad fingers and spoilsbury toast boy were disturbing…

  3. josh66694 says:

    This film actually makes me feel very optimistic 🙂

  4. BunBun969 says:

    oh, if only this were heart-warming.

  5. MajituPrinceBicho says:

    can somedody explain me about the mean of the tumor i cant understand it..

  6. mollymousemm says:

    omg, i think the ending is really sad

  7. MzAquapanda says:

    I GET IT NOW!! Ah…yes…woo 😀 also, I absolutely love your morbidity.

  8. MarshmelloMuffin says:

    This makes me sad. What a kind dog, what a sad tale.

  9. LifeOfJay says:

    this dude is fucked up

  10. laura18lee says:

    I should not have eaten while i watched this. . .

  11. UgliCupCayk says:

    pause at 2:21

  12. SoapSoapCrayon says:

    @Doki66 I’ve wondered this for years. Do you plan this stuff out as you go, or does it just kinda… happen?

  13. xXFaLlEn0KiLlAXx says:

    ASDA is the only store the sell groths

  14. ProudSoldier117 says:

    All I can say is – WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

  15. SgtKickazz says:

    HEY!!! are you gonna pay for that tumor?

  16. nemesisberlin says:

    absolutely amazing and incredibly creative!!!!! NOT!!!

  17. peachpuppy7779 says:

    I’m not going to sleep tonight

  18. elumilahtreg1993 says:

    sooooo……ehm ….. how can i say this in a nice way ..hmmm
    disturbing but good graphics

  19. diabl2master says:

    fuck this is disturbing. for like the 10th time :L

  20. travisk50 says:

    i dont get it..

  21. AgonizedCandle says:

    @CherubLucifer The Coprophagic Boy

  22. xXxTrueWolfxXx says:

    Ooop never mind… POOR DOOGIE

  23. xXxTrueWolfxXx says:

    I fear for the dog..

  24. brazilianman92 says:

    nice man great art

  25. Av3ngedS0ul says:

    HOLY SHIT!!@#$!#$!@#!@ I loved it!!!