Dog keeps putting paws in water/biting


I have a female lab mix, about 3 months old.

She is a biter. And she has really sharp teeth. She keeps chewing on my other dog like a chew toy and I can’t occupy her with other toys. She is pulling out the hair of my other dog and I just can’t stop her. How can I make her stop biting?

When she drinks her water from her dog bowl, she always puts one of her paws in the bowl while she gets a drink.
And as you figured it is annoying cause she will track water everywhere. How can I make her stop that?

EXTRA QUESTION; She is losing her hair under her eye and near her ear. She scratches a lot on her eye. We have been to the vet and he said that she doesn’t have any sort of "bug", so that can’t be the reason for it. Anyone want to guess what it is?
She was checked for mange and she does not have it.
Is there anything I can do to prevent mess when she does get a drink?

My dogs are a little bit bigger than her and at first they got on top of her and bit her and got vicious when she bit them. But now they just stand in place and let her bite.
She also bites our feet and hands. We tell her no, but she just keeps playing around.

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    One Response to “Dog keeps putting paws in water/biting”

    1. VW says:

      Take your dog to the vet and have it checked for mange mites cause it can be spread to your other dogs. I have a shephard that sticks her foot in the water bowl to cool off you said this is a lab they are water dogs. Does your other dogs correct her when she bites them ?