Dog Jumps in Bed Head First

Dog Jumps in Bed Head First


Buster, the dog, tries hard to find the soft spot on the bed!

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25 Responses to “Dog Jumps in Bed Head First”

  1. Ladyborg says:

    Shih Tzus are such clowns! Love it.

  2. sandramaiam says:


  3. edydotmail says:

    So funny.

  4. lmbarak says:

    I’m sorry, that’s not a dog. It’s a dustmop.

  5. nadeeyaafiza says:

    The tongue was epic..Hahaha

  6. nadeeyaafiza says:

    He was practicing on how to do the bungee jumpy..

  7. SusanSnowflake says:

    Too funny, what a clown.

  8. coccobella1 says:

    He’s like “Give me candy and I’ll do it again!”

  9. starberrydust says:

    give new meaning to face plant XD

  10. flowrite6 says:

    0:30 – 0:32 sexy…

  11. jazznmel says:


  12. hedonistic2008 says:

    @Ywiss hahahaha! apt.

  13. hedonistic2008 says:

    @Soadrock132 Lol!!!

  14. hedonistic2008 says:

    omg, this is so cute!

  15. BraziliAna says:

    @Soadrock132 lol

  16. Soadrock132 says:

    He may be a dog on the outside… but on the inside he is a dolphin!

  17. Dbell1000 says:

    He’s taking his frustration out! He doesn’t like that his owner switched his dog food to dry! Lol

  18. black4pienus says:

    even this won’t help against his bad-hair-day….

  19. MillionsDan says:

    hes trying to commit suicide

  20. Ywiss says:

    He looks like a sperm attacking a stubborn egg

  21. ThaDRP says:

    Torpedo splash!~

  22. NRfun says:

    @Tunnelfish That was exactly what I thought! 😀

  23. MJMyrna says:

    This is too funny.

  24. Raspberrie101 says:

    He is just trying to feel something on that flat face….

  25. fabiocravinho says: