Dog heart attack on stairs


CAREFUL! YOU MAY FIND THIS VIDEO DISTURBING. This is my dog Bluey the Chihuahua. She has heart problems that started after New Years. She’s 11 years old and in this video, she passes out from lack of oxygen after going up the steps by herself. She very much looks like a fainting goat here. Her heart valves aren’t working and she’s on 4 medications. She won’t ever be “okay” again and I’ve had to make some changes to accommodate her weakened state. This video is about reality. It’s about pain. It’s about the anguish I go through each time I look at her not knowing when she’s going to pass on from this world.

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21 Responses to “Dog heart attack on stairs”

  1. MRtaylorTOyou says:

    thats well sad 🙁

  2. p4t4rs says:

    Hope bluey is doing ok.. 🙂

  3. Hmwvd says:

    do you like it to film your dog agonizing on stairs and show that off on youtube?! This is mentally ill!!!

  4. TechnoGTV says:

    UNSUBBED your making your poor dog suffer just so you can post a stupid video on youtube

  5. DifferentGameKid says:


  6. DifferentGameKid says:

    Wow givimg your dog a freaking heart attack for youtube im un subbing and im debating about valling animal protectiin

  7. GaMeOvErRules says:

    please just put her down give her peace. stop putting her pain up on youtube so you can get views!!

  8. TheHarrowDer says:

    you might love her, but she needs to be put down. its sad ive been through it last december, its really sad..but she must not suffer.

  9. jukko1974 says:

    put her down give her pease

  10. TheEsotericDesi says:

    WoW!… Stop overfeeding the dog…

  11. joeyy17 says:

    @1:14 orgasm ?

  12. theinnercreative says:

    OMG. Bluey was trying so hard to exercise & looked like she was trying to show you her progress but it was just to much. Hoping things get better.

  13. bradkirwan says:

    So you give your dog a heart attach for YouTube…

  14. AppleTechHelper says:

    IF you knew this was going to happen, why would you let your dog go up the stairs? Your trying to making her have a heart attack?

  15. jaymeez says:

    awwww mayne…. poor lil dawggy….

  16. Ravenex2 says:


  17. naveen19902002 says:

    its a cruel cruel world we live in…….i know its not much but i hope she gets better

  18. isaac2138 says:

    Poor Doggy 🙁

  19. sccerstr09 says:

    I wish her the best

  20. xeonmasugii says:

    nooo 🙁 hugs doggy

  21. alongley521 says: