Dog has bad case of diarrhea…?


So last Thursday morning we woke up to my dog sitting in his kennel..looking miserable.. covered in diarrhea from head to toe.. along with his blanket.. toys.. etc. I figured maybe he ate something… then he seemed to be fine all day.

That evening around dinner time he went on the kitchen floor.. pure liquid. Then about 20 minutes later he did it again right by the door, about to bark to go out. I made him some white rice before we went to bed in hopes it would settle his belly..

Friday morning we woke up to the same scene. I called the vet as soon as they opened.. brought in a stool sample. At this point he was going every 10-15 minutes.. pure liquid. The vet tested his stool (which btw was covered in blood) ruled out anything serious.. etc.

They gave him some pills to make it stop.. and it worked almost instantly *thank god.* That weekend we kept him on a bland white rice diet… and then slowly started his regular food bad in once he had solid food. He only took the pills for 2 days and seemed to be fine.

Then yesterday we noticed he was really gassy all day.. and commented on how horrible it smelt. My husband made the comment "we’re going to wake up to shi*t again" Sure enough… around 5 this morning my husband smelt something terrible downstairs.. same scene.. After cleaning him up we gave him another pill… which has slowed it down (but not completely stopped yet) and of course have not fed him.

It hasnt even been a full week of him not getting sick… he is about 4 months old… he is a lab/ husky mix.. he has been eating Purina Puppy Food for large breed since he was 8 weeks old..nothing new has been introduced into his diet.. he doesnt eat human food.. (besides an occasional crumb or two he manages to find)…When he goes outside he has about a twenty feet radius of roaming space.. and its free of any wild plants etc.

The only thing I can think of is excattly one week before this started we took him to the vet and he got caught up on his vaccines etc maybe he could be having an allergic reaction?! It’s really the only *new* and *different* thing we have introduced to him…

The vet ruled out anything serious.. I do plan on calling them again today when they open.. but I figured I should get some other opinions.. and hopefully not have to spend another 150$ + on another vet bill..
they did do a full fecal test and checked for worms and all of the above!

I’m waiting for a doctor to call me back! Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m starting to wonder maybe he did swallow a sock or something?! Great..

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    8 Responses to “Dog has bad case of diarrhea…?”

    1. tina says:

      dogs can get stomak viruses just like people it can be airborne,may theres a sick dog in the neighborhood my dog did the same thing but she got better in about 3 day ask the vet see what they say about this

    2. jenn says:

      If his diet or dogfood has changed then he will have diarreah. They have to stay on the same food that u start them out at. We live in the country and the dog can run free outside and so if this is the same then he might have gotten ahold of a rodent or something that was poisoned or something. Just keep him on his same dry food. The same story about the diareah was the same as my dog and it took about 2-3 weeks for eveything to go back to normal. Just make sure that he is on no table food unless rice or something bland. My vet also told me that boiled chicken breast are really good for them too, maybe this will help. Hopefully he gets better. I hate to see dogs suffer and no reason is applicable to why they are doing this. If the vet said nothing serious then thats a good start. Hopefully this helped. I would keep him inside until all this passes. Dont want him to get into anyother dogs dogfood or somethingelse.

    3. Andrea says:

      Aww, poor baby!

    4. MamaBas says:

      What was his stool tested for? Doing it right away is odd (although I guess some practices might have the ability to do this on-site) as over here, the stool sample is sent away for a full fecal to be done – and that means testing for worms, and for protozoa as well as something like salmonella.

      If he’s still doing this, obviously he’s not right, and left un-diagnosed/untreated, it’s very far from not being anything serious!!

      My bet, and it’s only a guess, is he could well have something like Giardia going on, and that needs urgent treatment – it passes to humans, so start hand-washing, and cleaning the yard thoroughly, right now, just in case.

      Back to the vet (or another one!), with another stool sample and ask for a full fecal test to be done, for starters.

    5. Sharon Wiliams says:

      It’s possible it was the vaccine or maybe the vet or the vet’s helper, gave the wrong vaccine, which, if that’s the case, they are unlikely to tell you.

      It’s also possible your dog swallowed something like a toy or a sock and his system can’t digest it or pass it through. As a result, his intestines are trying to absorb as much fluid as possible to move it, which it doesn’t if it isn’t food, but it makes the food that is in his bowels watery.

      The only way to know for sure is an x-ray.

    6. Casey says:

      I think it is best that you talk to the vet again. They can maybe give you advice on how often he needs to take his pills, or anything else to feed him, or it may even be the dog food that just isn’t agreeing with him anymore. It is best for you and your dog to talk to your vet and get advice from them.

    7. CindyRVT says:

      You definitely need to have your dog examined by a vet rather than just taking in a stool sample. With copious amounts of soft stools, it is entirely possible to miss a parasite infection so a repeat fecal check would be a good idea. And because this has continued your vet will want to rule out other possible causes of continued diarrhea and likely do a bit of blood work.

      Checking a fecal sample is just the tip of the iceberg as far making a diagnosis on the cause of profuse diarrhea. And the fact that there was blood in the sample and this is a puppy should have been a big red flag for the vet that there is more going on here than just possible parasites.