Dog Food Review


read me 🙂 so these are products my dog Roxie (cockapoo) is loving right now. everything is with moderation for dogs, especially with treats, when she was younger it was hard to get her use to eating dry food and wet food. basically you have to change products to see what is their favorite. for videos of my dog Twitter: @Lanyninaltna if you have any questions comment below,tweet me, message me, 🙂 dont forget to subscribe 😉 FTC Disclaimer: Everything mention in this video was purchased by my parents and I at supermarkets and walmart. 🙂

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    2 Responses to “Dog Food Review”

    1. BeMyMichelle says:

      @america85353 if they are “crap” then why is my dog healthy? loll, sorry but this is what she likes. She has tried A LOT of different types of dog food. & i did say we are constantly changing because that is what you’re suppose to do. 🙂

    2. america85353 says:

      all those foods are crap… try wellness

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