Dog Food Contest Entry (to: sugarismyhorse)


I wanted to make this Advertisement funny but not cheap. I apologize for the shaking camera and for my mom who walks in at one point. I looked at some of the other videos that people made for this, WOW! They all did REALLY well! Good job to all of them! Oh yeah, the part about me trying the food is a joke lol, also, about the 30 mil. customers, thats not for one country, thats for the whole world of dogs, 30 mil is around half of the dogs in the world. Ivy, Cameo, Mona, and myself all had fun making this. They got treats, and the dog food! Thanks for letting us enter! –C+I (and Cameo and Mona)

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    2. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Horses4Ever45 I know, right? lol, I’ll try to get a video sometime 🙂

    3. Horses4Ever45 says:

      @LittleMsIvy ROFL! That is soooo funny XD

    4. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Horses4Ever45 same here! lol, I came down the stairs once, and i saw Ivy sitting on the table, in the sun, with her eyes closed and sniffing the air. She looked as if she was in heaven! haahha 😀

    5. Horses4Ever45 says:

      @LittleMsIvy oh geez haha I can’t imagine if my dog could sit on the table XD she’s bad enough about begging from the ground!

    6. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Horses4Ever45 I had to teach Cameo that it was okay lol. Ivy has learned that its okay to sit on the table from the cats lol 😀

    7. Horses4Ever45 says:

      Wow you have a really awesome house haha and ROFL at the cat eating the dog food on the counter XD

    8. LittleMsIvy says:

      @courtneyj4657 Thanks! 😀

    9. courtneyj4657 says:

      wow ahah that was awsome ahah

    10. LittleMsIvy says:

      @BellaTheBorderCollie Thanks! You should check out the other ones, too! They’re all pretty good 😀
      and agian, Thanks! 😀 😀

    11. BellaTheBorderCollie says:

      wow! that looks like a real commercial! 😀 that was awesome! i loved it! hope you win!

    12. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Apachers911 LUCKY! 1 dog two cats! What are their names and what types?

    13. Apachers911 says:

      We have 3 big dogs and 2 small dogs.

    14. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Apachers911 Haha, i wanted a big dog.

    15. Apachers911 says:

      That is why I was worried! Our dogs are big so they get alot more lol.

    16. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Apachers911 yeah! That would be really mean. 🙁

    17. Apachers911 says:

      Oh! I was a little scared lol.

    18. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Apachers911 We do feed her this food and no, that’s not all I feed her LOL. I gave her two more servings of that little amount when we were “rehearsing” and she already got her breakfast that morning so she’s probably a little fat.

    19. Apachers911 says:

      Is that all you feed your dog or is it just for the commercial? Good video though 🙂

    20. LittleMsIvy says:

      @Sherraleex Thanks! Yours was really good too!! 😀

    21. Sherraleex says:

      That Was Really Good

    22. LittleMsIvy says:

      SORRY! I say “I dont see why you like this so much!” twice! I didn’t notice while I was filming. SORRY!