Dog fell down the stairs?


My about 21/2 – 3 year old yorkshire terrier fell down the steps. she isn’t limping and (other than looking kinda scared and being clingy to me) she seems normal. what should I do?
Actually I had one of those dog gate things at the top of the stairs, i had it set up but not in the wall like it should be, and i turned for about to pick up something. Then i turn around and see the gate and her tumbling down the non-carpeted steps. the gate was right behind her and luckily she got out of the way when she got to the bottom, (just in time to not get hit with this dog gate.) She’s fine now though. Thanks for the answers.

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12 Responses to “Dog fell down the stairs?”

  1. laura says:

    Repeatedly boot your dog down the stairs about 7 times till she learns falling down the stairs is not permitted nor is it funny.
    Good luck

  2. Nedra E says:

    Be kind to her.
    Keep an eye on her.
    If she continues to act normal, say a prayer of thanks to God. -!-

  3. gal_rn says:

    i doubt shes hurt, she is probably fine. My friend had a pom and it jumped off the top of her stairs and landed on the 1st floor on tile, and the dog was fine. If she is in good health i wouldnt be too worried. Just keep and eye on her. She is probably just scared, i used to have a yorkie and it didnt take much for him to get shaken up. If you have any doubts im sure the vet wouldnt mind talking to you and telling you if he feels you should take her in or not. He might even give you some advice on how to care for her from home if it is a very minor injury.

  4. BYB's kill puppies! says:

    just keep an eye on her for a day or two to see if any symptoms develop.

    I wouldnt "baby" her or show her any extra attention over it tho.. you may inadvertantly cause her to fear the steps.

  5. victormins says:

    Don’t coddle too much…it can enforce neurotic behavior I think by you acting abnormal, you know? Just keep an eye on her to see if she has any injuries.

    If she fell because of loose carpeting or something be sure to repair it.

  6. Lund says:

    You shouldn’t worry too much about it, she should be fine if she’s not limping. Give her time, she should be herself in a few weeks.

  7. Kate says:

    Just keep an eye on her, she’s probably fine. If she starts acting really disoriented (running into walls, tripping over herself, etc.) call the vet, because she could have sustained a head injury. But she sounds like she’s acting perfectly normal for a dog who just scared herself spotless falling down the steps, so I’m sure she’ll be okay.

  8. happy2luvk9s says:

    just love and cuddle her momma that’s all she’s wanting for now and keep an eye on her to see if there are any changes in her behavior or physical condition

  9. Kendra says:

    definately keep an eye on her and if she shows any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms, call your vet. Otherwise, just comfort her and give her lots of love! shes probably just kind of shaken up from her fall.

  10. Andy says:

    nothing hes gonna be okay

  11. Carly 2 says:

    haha comfort her, she is probably just really scared…poor thing

    how did she fall down the steps? lol…sorry it isn’t funny. put i am just picturing it…sorry

  12. Rebel says:


    Just watch her closely for a day or so. She’s probably fine, but sometimes injuries do not show up immediately. In the meantime, a couple extra treats and special attention should make her forget about being scared.

    Best of luck,