dog experts only, I have a few questions on breeding my Pit Bull?


I am breeding my pitbull who is the nicest dog I have ever had. She is in heat right now and I plan on breeding her within the next few days. However she has been known to be aggressive towards stranger dogs. If she is in heat would this matter?Also should I make both dogs wear muzzles just in case

p.s. This is not a question for all of the people that don’t support pitbull breeding. If you want to hate or try to change my mind your wasting your time because I am going to breed her no matter what anyone says.

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17 Responses to “dog experts only, I have a few questions on breeding my Pit Bull?”

  1. Marie says:

    Point 1: If your dog is so nice, you would not have to ever make it wear a muzzle. Lol.

    Point 2: I volunteer several times a week at a humane society. Most of our dogs are pit bulls. We are only legally allowed to have so many pit bulls at once. The ones that we are able to take and usually take 4-5 months to get adopted, even the three month old puppies. We even give huge adoption specials for pit bulls because no one will take them. The ones that do make it up for adoption, only some of them are adopted. We do not have a time limit, but a lot of them go crazy in their cage and become too aggressive to be adopted and are put down.

    Point 3: Pit bulls were bred to fight, so they aren’t exactly the dream family dog. They are not very good looking and most people would never consider adopting one, even if they are allowed where they live.

    Point 4: Even if your dogs breed and they have approximately 10 puppies, even if you were able to adopt them all out, at let’s say $50 because no one will pay more than that for them, at least 8 of them will end up in the shelters before they turn 1. However, you will have about $500 in blood money to spend on whatever you little heart desires.

    By breeding your dogs, you are contributing to the endless killing of pit bulls, along with other dogs. You are also a worthless BYB who will contribute to the demise of this breed. Have a great day!!! 🙂

  2. Rose C says:

    I have no problems with "pit bulls," (yeah, you might want to find out what her actual BREED is before you go any further lol), but I do HATE backyard breeders. I don’t care how "nice" she is, she isn’t worthy of being bred if you have to come to Y!A answers with such a simple question.

    Muzzles during breeding?? Is that not a CLUE TO YOU?????

  3. Jennifer M says:

    I doubt anyone here will agree with what you think you should be doing to this dog. It isn’t that people here are against breeding "pitbulls" it is the fact that they are against breeding dogs that are not champions in show conformation and or have a working title. It has nothing to do with the breed of the dog.

    You are asking for trouble breeding an APBT that you already know is dog aggressive. This is an undesirable trait that you shouldn’t want the possibility of passing down to her pups genetically. I’m glad she is super nice to humans. But that doesn’t mean she should be bred. Having pups might take away that nice nature and replace it with an extremely overprotective natural mother instinct.

    Personally, I would be very happy I had a wonderfully nice APBT that I loved and not risk her health by making her have puppies. She will never know or miss not having them.

  4. Rosalie says:

    No dog that is aggressive towards other dogs should be bred – no matter WHAT it is.
    I would support breeding of any dog, if there were places on earth for them.

    Today there are 13,300 Pit Bulls on up for adoption.

    Pitties deserve better than you.

  5. ∞Future Klee Kai Owner!∞ says:

    1. There is no such breed as a "pit bull", only APBTs (if you don’t know this, you have no business breeding).

    2. GOOD breeders not only breed for quality of appearance and health, but also for temperament. If your dog is aggressive towards ANY dogs (strange or not), she shouldn’t be bred. It only perpetuates the bad rap those poor dogs already have.

    3. If you breed her, you’re making a big mistake. I was JUST at the shelter, and every third dog was a pit bull. They were ALL great, sweet dogs with no homes. Just a little cell. It’s really no fair to breed your dog given that there are many just like her. Doing so is just not compassionate and is ignorant. Get her spayed, asap. I love APBTs, I have a mix. I have nothing against them.

    Read this. It describes you pretty well.

  6. Lioness says:

    I am not at all against breeding, but you are not qualified to breed your dog.

    First of all, your dog clearly is not breeding material. Just being a nice dog in your eyes simply is not enough. You mentioned absolutely nothing about health testing your dog, and to not have proper health testing on a dog you breed is not only stupid, it’s irresponsible and in many ways unethical.

    If you need to ask on here about breeding, you simply are not qualified to breed any dog. Period.

    I got a dog from somebody like you who bred his Rottweiler. My ex boyfriend foolishly bought him for me. He was a wonderful dog. I had to put him down at only 6 months of age because his hips and elbows were causing him serious pain. What that breeder did by breeding un-tested dogs was not only cruel to the dogs he produced, but terribly unethical and unfair to the buyers. Please don’t be one of those breeders.

  7. Cassie-danes mastiffs & bullies says:

    ….you are going to breed an outwardly dog aggressive dog?

    sorry, but she is not of breeding quality.

    is she an american pit bull terrier, an american staffordshire terrier, a staffordshire bull terrier? or those ugly american bullies?

    if theyre apbt’s they should be UKC registered, and each have atleast 1 ch title in conformation
    if theyre amstaffs or staffys then they should be AKC registered and have atleast 1 ch title

    sorry, but I really dont support IDIOTS breeding.

  8. Yari says:

    I can’t help it, I have to say something. Don’t breed your pitbull. So many are out there looking for homes. Hundreds are killed everyday just because their pitbulls and they need the space. Just don’t do it. If you want another dog, adopt one. If you love the breed, help ppl who are looking for a pitbull to adopt from a shelter. Do your part to help these poor misunderstood animals.

  9. Not So Shy Boi says:

    Then obviously she isn’t as nice as you think she is. I have a pit and he is not aggressive to neither humans nor other dogs. So if I was going to breed mine, it wouldn’t be with yours. My standards are no aggression at all.

    But since I don’t believe more pits need to bred by any one, papers or not, who I would or not breed him with is a moot point.

  10. Alesi's Chi's says:

    The great thing about this is, you can’t unread what’s been written. I have absolutely NO problem with the responsible breeding of legitimate breeds, I do however have a huge problem with yet another BYB using their pet as income. The nicest dog is NOT dog aggressive. It just goes to show you didn’t properly socialize her, but go ahead and breed her with the muzzle on. When she takes off and runs with the stud tied to her & ends up with a prolapsed vagina, I’ll laugh my @ss off at the thousands of dollars you’ll pay for emergency surgery where you’ll have to spay her anyway. Good luck!

  11. Krissie says:

    sounds like an awful situation sorry
    im not against pit breeding
    i love pits
    I am against any kind of breeding
    sounds like you are just doing it for money

    I am going to breed her no matter what anyone says.

    does this sound like someone who cares about their dog?
    think about your dog for once she’s the one thats gonna have to go through this hell just to make you $$
    do you think shes really going to enjoy this experience?

    and you sound quiet immature too

    youre a class act

  12. Khayos says:

    Oh this is such a bad idea lol What breed is she? pit bull is a general term for a couple breeds. So you should figure that out first. Is she papered? Is she a CH in anything? What health tests have you had done?

    Cover all of that, then consider breeding her. Right now you don’t know enough to do shit.

  13. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    I don’t support back yard breeding, or irresponsible breeding, of any dog. IE: dogs that are not genetic tested for their breed (not just a vet checkup), dogs that do not have championships, and dogs owners that have not lined up buyers for the puppies BEFORE they start breeding.

    Your dog may be nice. I know many nice dogs who are put to sleep in the shelters.

    And why would you want to pass on aggression?

    "because I am going to breed her no matter what anyone says."

    I assume someone at least has told you not to breed. You’re free to do what you want. But you will go to jail and/or be fined if you neglect the b*tch or any of her puppies, and I guarentee the way you are being so irresponsible, there will be labor problems and sick puppies that are very costly.

  14. *fake foo* says:

    i know you dont care for what am about to say but dam i just came from the pound here in los angeles to pay for licensing and the pound has nothing but pits just think about that.

  15. Chihuahua Mama says:

    Why would you breed a pitbull that is agressive to dogs?

  16. Misty says:

    I would put the muzzle on the female as the male needs his mouth and he shouldn’t hurt her …. This is gonna sound bad but I own a pitty and I know them you may have to hold her while he becomes interested in her don’t worry they won’t mind … She may still be aggressive towards the male the whole time mine is animal aggressive sometimes you can’t control that ….nature will over rule them … So keep her on her leash with her muzzle and introduce them with as little confrontation as possible I think you should be good…. Mine is a male and is neutered and he still takes a go at another dog in heat

    And good luck post a pic of the puppers