Dog breeders who raw feed?


Ok so this came up today while talking to some other raw feeders, so I want to see what the ones on here have to say.

You have two breeders, both reputable, producing healthy and top quality pups, same prices, everything is pretty much the same except one feeds kibble and the other feeds raw?
Ack so need sleep. I meant which breeder would you buy from.
Chaos – I meant more int he overall you are dealing with the same quality of breeding stock.

The answers amongst myself and the others was pretty much varied. Some said they would go with the raw breeder if the parents had been raised on raw as well or had been on it for a good amount of time.

Others pretty much said it wouldn’t matter.

It then turned into a vaccine debate
Lauren – hadn’t heard of breeders with contracts like that but I had come across some the other day who aim to attract people who did feed raw or were interested in learning about it.

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14 Responses to “Dog breeders who raw feed?”

  1. BOSS says:

    I was talking to a breeder a couple weeks ago, when deciding who to get my next dog from. She and I agreed almost completely about everything, including early spay/neuter (against) and over vaccinating. Both are big concerns of mine and it gave me GREAT peace of mind knowing that the breeder and I were on the same page. If a breeder and I were on the same page about nutrition, it would be just as much of a plus. If it was between a raw feeder and a breeder who fed a high quality kibble, it’d be a toss up. However, if we agreed on everything else and that breeder fed raw, while the other fed a grocery brand or low quality kibble, I’d go with the raw feeder.

  2. Autowerks says:

    I personally would evaluate both litters and both sets of parents and choose my dog from structural and temperamental merits, aside from the diet. I will feed my own diet and the diet of a prospect’s parents and consequently the juveniles diet has no bearing on the diet I will feed or my nutritional program. I would select the pup that best embodies what I wanted to introduce into my program.

  3. Cadet Gregory C says:

    I wouldn’t care. I usually look for behavioral and physical traits. Not what they’ve been fed because I just change it to what I want them to eat once I get them home. I also look at living conditions. They don’t have to be staying in a castle but I do want it to be clean and relatively spacious.

  4. jasmine says:

    raw is always healthier. even "high quality" kibble is processed.

  5. akitagrl07 says:

    Food is not a primary concern for me in finding a breeder, but in the spirit of the question: If they were equal in all respects, I would go with the raw-feeder. I recently started my dogs on raw and they LOVE it, and look great. I don’t think I’ll every go back to kibble again.

  6. lauren e says:

    I would buy from the one that feeds raw. I would even pay more for that dog. We didn’t know about raw and our first dog was having terrible skin issues. We ran all kinds of tests and nothing was found. Raw was recommended to us and he was healthy within 2 months. We’ve tried our new rescue dog on raw and he does not like it at all. He’ll eat homemade and all-natural kibble, so that is what we are feeding him.

    I’ve actually heard of some breeders having contracts where you have to feed raw. I think that it shows the potential families that you care about your puppies. It also eliminates any "cheap" families that think that brands don’t matter.

  7. Cassie... gotta love them danes says:

    if the raw feeder could tell me the pros and cons of raw. give me tips on how to feed raw. and etc…then I would go with them

    same with the kibble.

    either way…the one with the healthier puppies…(with a few other conditions)

    I’m tired as well! lol
    I’m not even sure if my answer made sense

  8. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

    i’m not a breeder, i feed raw. i wouldn’t base your decision on raw though, my answer is base it on other questions, which seems more knowledgeable in the breed characteristics like height and width and other things like that about the breed.

    although if the parents were fed raw..chances are healthier pups..than processed kibble you know? but then again if the person buying wasn’t going to continue to feed raw, they could get diarrhea from changing food..

  9. GP HAPPY BDAY TOBY! [[2/14/04]] says:


    i think i would go for the raw fed ones. not sure why, but i’ve seen some raw fed dogs that look gorgeous, lean and muscular and with intensely shiny coats. i dunno, but you can sorta tell the difference between a raw fed and kibble fed dog.

  10. nancy b says:

    I don’t understand the question. How you raise your pet maybe totally different from the breeders beliefs. That is your chose.

  11. ∞CHAO§ Gigalomaniax∞ says:

    I dont see the point or what im suppose to answer. They are both reputable so it shouldnt matter what they feed. If there dogs are healthy thats what matters.

    id buy from who ever is breeding what i like to see. every breeder doesnt have the exact same stock. If i like the look of the kibble fed dogs id buy from that breeder. Yes i said look but its in your question that they are top quality healthy so whats next is what i like to see in the breed. If the look of the raw fed is better and what i want to see id buy from that person.

    My puppies are kibble fed.

    Like i said id buy from whatever breeder has what I’M looking for.

    Every breeder has at least some differences in the stock. They dont breed to the same dogs.

  12. ★Mutt★ Saved Another One! says:

    I feed raw but I’m not a breeder….

    …Animal Artwork is a very reputable breeder with top quality pups, she’s a raw feeder…

    …I don’t exactly get what you’re going at here, sorry…I’m tired… =P
    Oh, I see! I think I’d go for the raw feeding breeder, since I’m currently raw feeding. It would be easier for me and the pup.

  13. ilikesugar:] says:

    Oookay. I don’t entirely understand your question, but I would buy from the one who feeds raw. The pups would be healthier.

  14. Sighthounds RULE!!!! says:

    If they were equal in all aspects apart from feeding, I would probably buy from the raw feeder. I think most people would buy a dog from the breeder that agrees with themselves. So if someone thinks kibble is the best a dog can eat, then they would go for the kibble feeder.

    I do not hold it against people if they don’t feed raw, not everyone can, but it does definitely show a devotion to your dogs if a breeder (who obviously has a lot of dogs) will choose the much pricier feeding method just because they believe it’s healthier for their dogs. But I don’t like all raw feeders, some are too fanatic for me, I heard one story, they persons dog got into her wine and was clearly drunk, they called the vet and the vet said to feed the dog bread to absorb the alcohol, but they refused to do it because they feed only raw. I would not want a dog from such a nut that they won’t even try to help they’re dog by feeding it a piece of bread.