DOG BREAKS INTO HOUSE! (2.3.11 – Day 644)

DOG BREAKS INTO HOUSE! (2.3.11 – Day 644)


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    25 Responses to “DOG BREAKS INTO HOUSE! (2.3.11 – Day 644)”

    1. JMustafaTV says:

      You feel like its a combination of Charlie the Unicorn and who Charles??…

    2. Angelcherub23 says:

      a d d dog lol *woof*

    3. oriolesaltec says:

      You run in those Adidas? They don’t look like they give you much running support. You should invest in some good running shoes.

    4. tomyram says:

      thesaucewill just come back and go BLUBABDIA

    5. Jross8880 says:

      once they hit vlog 666 WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!!!

    6. marameme says:

      hahahah when you were doing that voice you reminded me of the old guy on family guy. it cracked me up xD

    7. DeepEastOakland9800 says:

      haha 10:34 he sounded like towly from south park wanna get high? dont forget to bring a towel ROFL!!!

    8. jamalerymapajo says:


    9. ajsantiago88 says:

      omg good vlog lol
      do that voice more charles its way to funny

    10. MollyoHengoo22 says:

      @CTFxC let me guess .this is alli.oh well.i get the point

    11. faltat2 says:

      LOL whenever i hear someone say babe i always think of the office episode when jim and pam go to michael and jan’s for dinner and they keep calling each other babe

    12. Thatguywhomeows says:

      haha you sounded like mr handy from south park

    13. ekisnvrydinker says:

      lol i did that thing where i hold down 9, it’s like ?uestlove when he does the remixes

    14. KatishMcCullen says:

      charles! when you tried the soup you looked like a sim! ya know when you feed the crappy food? yeah! that

    15. fmwiblog says:

      Play the video, pause it, and play it again and hold down 9!

    16. koklexy says:

      THIS IS SO WEIRD! :O I haven’t played Sims 3 in like a year. I chose to play it today and right after i watched this vlog! SO WEIRD :O

    17. YinYangx3 says:

      Is it bad that your creepy voice turns me on? 😐

    18. FlareShift says:

      @AndreaImogen i know right?! i demand a song-length version!

    19. AndreaImogen says:

      This is DEFINATLY my favourite CTFxC song so far, terabrite were awesome, but this is EPIC!

    20. TheTokenNerd says:

      mr hanky the christmas poo

    21. StrawberryRizla says:

      awesome dog 😀 what breed is it?? i couldnt recognize it.. is it a mix?

    22. Janetfsho says:

      @Tom3030 I know he has mentioned it a few times, but before that he always said Friend Core 😉

    23. XBCX96 says:

      Ok Charles, you officially have the greatest musical taste of all time
      Slayer (etc.)

    24. dorkyretardify says:

      Dude…You sound like herbert the perv on family guy

    25. kyang722 says:

      cool outro!