dog bites at couch cover?


My dog has just started something new. She will bite at my couch cover. But she does not clench her teeth and bite it, rather she lifts her lips apart and rubs her gums on the couch cover. She won’t do it to anything else. And if I tell her to stop or pull her away she will fight with me to do it more.

Anyone know what is going on?

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5 Responses to “dog bites at couch cover?”

  1. music_addicta says:

    Teeth are growing or she has an itch >.<

  2. michael a says:

    put her on a leash and give her a trainer, you know? for manners.

  3. melbuz76 says:

    i would check her gums and teeeth that there is nothing anoying her there , if nothing is then she has started a new bad habbit try a water pistel of spray gun with water and lemon or water and stiranella and spray it at her when she does it ,, wont hurt her but she wont like it when she lets go give hersomething she is allowed to rub/bite and give her a pat ,, good luck

  4. terj23 says:

    Is she a pup? Maybe teething?

  5. Jane Marple says:

    Maybe she likes the feeling it gives her. I had a dog who was crazy for hairband. When she’d find one of the floor she would walk around with it all day long, no teeth involved, just rubbing it in between her lips.