Does your pet sleep on your bed?


On a newscast they said that allowing your pet to sleep on your bed can be hazardous to your health. I had a mini poodle for 16 years – he slept on my bed. For 6 yrs now my Jack Russell Terrier hs been sleeping on the bed – in fact, in the winter he likes to get under the covers. I haven’t gotten sick – neither has the dog.

Who are these doomsayers? What do you think?

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    16 Responses to “Does your pet sleep on your bed?”

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    2. Carol says:

      I say they are a bit over the top with worry about germs. Go to my You Tube site and view Where Is Miya to see what i really think.

    3. T Faz says:


    4. Sun says:

      Depends. I believe it is possible though because I have seen some people get sick but it really depends on how healthy the person and the animal is and the living conditions in the house; is it well ventilated, is everything cleaned (no poop smudges on carpet/floor) , is your pet brushed regularly etc.
      Transmitting disease can happen too if you have an open wound. There is always a chance that it can happen if you let your pet sleep with you on the bed but that chance decreases when you give your dog his/her own room/bed.

      I think the word hazardous is a bit much but it can happen.

    5. keezy says:

      As dogs and humans are both mammals it is fully possible for diseases to be transferred from one to the other. Additionally a mammal can "carry" a disease element (ie germ or virus) even if they do not have or never develop symptoms. Diseases are most often transferred when there is a contact between damaged skin (ie cuts, blisters,etc) or mucus membranes The greater the the dog and human contact, (especially when the human is not in a conscious state to deter the dog from licking etc) the greater the possibility. This does not mean that all, or most pet owners who’s pets sleep with them will get ill. But rather that the chances increase. Chances also increase by allowing the dog to lick your face or a cut on your leg when you are not in bed. With this knowledge we all need to balance what interactions we choice to have with our pets. There are also studies that report health benefits from interaction with animals – such as lowering blood pressure. Because we do not "like" what this study says does not make it untrue, does not make the ones that conducted the study "doomsayers". It is all part of being an educated person and evaluating what "risks" we choice to live with to have a balance in our lives that best serves or emotional and physical heath.

    6. Pitbull says:

      Yes My two Pits and a rott Sleep with me on my bed …!
      i didn’t find anything risky in that ….!

    7. ms manners says:

      I have four small ones that sleep on my bed now, and the only thing I find hazardous is that, if I get up in the middle of the night, everyone shifts over and there is no room for me. :o)

      That, and they tend to wedge themselves against me, which makes it difficult to turn over.

      Ive had at least one dog in bed or beside it for decades, and I seldom get sick.

    8. BarrelRacinChick says:

      I dont think thats true my cat has slept in my bed for yrs and now 2 of my cats and my puppy sleep in my bed and i never get sick

    9. ☆ Memphis Belle ~ Black 'N' Sassy ☆ says:

      At night I will catch up with work while enjoying a coffee with my Dobie b*tch sprawled out at the end of my bed & occasionally she is allowed the privilege of staying.
      I won’t become ill because of a few stray dogs hairs, she is regularly wormed & her health taken care of, & more importantly doesn’t hog the duvet or bed because she has been trained to move over when I tell her to.

      If a person was immunocompromised to such an extent that a dog would pose a *real* risk to their health, it would not wise to have a dog in the house, not just the bed.

      I am not going to concern myself with a negligible risk that may happen to people who are particularly vulnerable.

    10. Say what you need to say :) says:

      No I don’t sleep with my pet. It will make my room smell like dogs!! :p

    11. Inga says:

      I try to take anything said in the media with a grain of salt. "Experts" are quick to make conclusions and their recommendations can change on a dime. Trying to keep up with everything those experts suggest is tiring.

      There is minimal risk of getting ill from your dog. The bigger risk is not getting quality sleep. LOL

      Such a newsstory would not be enough to have my dog stop sleeping in the bed with me.

    12. flip babe 08 says:

      I’ve never heard that O_O
      I don’t think it’s true.

      My mini yorkie sleeps on my bed too. Since it’s the winter time & they don’t have thick undercoats like most dogs, she shakes & shivers. So she has to sleep in my room/on my bed because she likes curling up into a ball to sleep on covers of blankets.

    13. Jessica says:

      I don’t think that is true because my two Black Labradors sleeps on the base of the bed! People who have gotten sick and then their dogs got sick. so they blame it on the fact that they allow there pets to sleep on the bed with them, and they have no other way to explain it.

    14. phil says:

      I used to let my dog sleep on the bed when he was a puppy but now hes to big And me and the wife never got ill

    15. Andrew Nooblet says:

      There is always going to be a risk being near pets at any time. The biggest risk is parasites through open wounds, just don’t allow the pets to lick them. You seem to be responsible enough given you’ve had these dogs for a long time, so you don’t need to worry as much as you are.

    16. JP says:

      Nothing is good for you anymore. The world has turned into a sad, sad place. I have always slept with my dogs in my bed and like you, no problems. I share my pillow and blanket with my dogs. This has become a sissy world always worried about something.