Does your pet sleep in your bed with you?


I’m not gonna lie guys, my 10 month old little puppy is currently fast asleep in the middle of my un-made bed, snuggled up in the covers. He sleeps with me every night, sleeping in either the bend thats made in your knees when you sleep on your side, or next to my waist.

Where does your pet sleep?
ha ha, yeah, don’t even think about making my dog sleep above the covers
ha ha, yeah, don’t even think about making my dog sleep above the covers

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    7 Responses to “Does your pet sleep in your bed with you?”

    1. Sara Y says:

      I have a bunk bed, the bottom bunk is a full size bed, my two dogs sleep there, I sleep on the top bunk, which is a twin size bed, and I share that with my cat.

    2. SpeakEasy says:

      Yes, 2 of our dogs sleep in the bed with us. One sleeps under the covers at our feet and the other likes to sleep at the top of the bed under the covers like a person. We wouldn’t have it anyother way even though we have to change the sheets twice as much 🙂 They love snuggling! Our 3rd dog, who is 80lbs, sleeps on a dog bed on the floor on my husband’s side. When we need to wash the duvet cover we will allow him on the bed for a little bit with us as a reward but not while we sleep. Thank god for king sized beds!

    3. Alan W says:

      No my cat has a 2 pillows by the radiator in my kitchen to sleep on. He is not allowed into my bedroom and never has been and he knows it only too well.

    4. Cheryl says:

      Quite often!

    5. Ajaya Chitrakar says:

      mine too.I have a kitten one and half month old.It mostly sleeps in my side and when he went to pee outside and came back, he sleep on my back.

    6. Tanya says:

      My seven year old kelpie does exactly same thing and needs to be under the covers between me and my hubby on cold nights and during summer has her head on the pillows on her back and always needs to be in the middle.
      We have got a 6mt old puppy and he as just started to sllep in our bed and i could not think of not having them in bed with us!!

      There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and hearing the tail wag followed by a massive smooch, our pup has just overcame parvo on sat and is in our ensuite at the moment as he cannot interact with our other dog till tomorrow, i can’t wait till he can hop back on the bed and he sleeps on the curve of my back when im sleeping on my stomach!

    7. eye says:

      that is where she is most comfortable, in my bed :O) – casey in the clouds :O)

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