Does your dog bite?


…that is not my dog!

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    12 Responses to “Does your dog bite?”

    1. somefellow12345 says:

      @emang3 I support this gay man

    2. emang3 says:

      im gay

    3. ruinderry says:

      why give away the punchline you dummy?!

    4. kingcarrick says:

      remake of pink panther shit with steve martin – this is much better :Do u have room, i do not no what a room is,A zimmer. oh a room , yes , Does ur derg bite , No ,nice doggy , ruff ruff , I thought u sed u derg do not bite ,Thats not my dog, FUCKING CLASSIC BEST PINKPANTHER FILM EVER 😀 5 Stars.

    5. Scorsese29176 says:

      Much better than Steve Martin…

    6. fceska says:

      I thought you said your derg did not bite!

    7. sqwashsilver says:


    8. tomtomtubeful says:

      THIS IS SO GOOD!! 🙂

    9. sixoes says:


    10. themunchkinmark says:


    11. katebygrave says:

      One of my favourite Clouseau moments.