Does my plan for potty training puppy sound like it'd work?


I plan to crate train puppy.
but when we go outside i think i want to put pee pads on certain areas since i heard the smell attracts the puppy?

would that work?
ive never had a dog before so i really have no idea how i’m going to potty train him.

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    6 Responses to “Does my plan for potty training puppy sound like it'd work?”

    1. americansucka says:

      i got a puppy 3 weeks ago. the vet said to feed him 3 times a day, watch him eat, when he eats it all and is still looking for more give him/her a little more. then take it outside 20-30 min later puppies have short intestines so they cant hold it and it goes through faster than an adult dog bring a treat in your pocket, when it does it’s business give him the treat right away. If you find poo or pee in your hous and didnt watch it do it, you cannot scold it, the animal will not know what your scolding it for. if you do watch him do it inside pick him up even if it’s in the middle and bring it outside. when it pees or poos inside spray the area with amonia, this will make him not want to go there anymore.

    2. Big JB fan says:

      Well i have a dog when i started my dog poooped all over the house and now he dose not because y mom hired a potty trainer so it could not poop around the house and if you want to potty train him then when he whines(that means hes gotta poop)hold a dog treat next to the place you want him to poop and he will go

    3. ☼Hello Sunshine☼ says:

      You won’t need pee pads. Crate training is an excellent idea, it is a really good help for potty training. When you take the puppy outside, bring him/her out to the same spot every time. Say a command like "potty" or I say "do your business", repeat it until he/she "goes". Praise like crazy!!! Repeat. The puppy’s scent will soon be all over that area of the yard, and they’ll learn quickly that outside=potty, potty=outside. Don’t ever give the pup an opportunity to have an accident in the house.

      Good luck!

    4. -Matt- says:

      Let him out often, scold him when he goes in the house and give him 5 minutes of quiet time in the crate. Don’t acknowledge him during timeouts. They make sprays and all sorts of things that supposedly attract dogs to a certain area for their business. Never tried any so I can’t really input on that.

      More information:

    5. Sweet Heart V says:

      it might give him a treat when he does his bussiness out side

    6. Patient Paws says:

      Pee pads don’t really work at all. Your dog will pee wherever it decides to pee. Just make sure he understands that he’s a good boy for going OUTSIDE.

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