Does my dog have potential arthritis?


Ok we recently just moved to a new house that has stairs that my dog of 13 years of age has never used before. The second day of having to use the stairs i noticed around 12:00 A.M. I noticed he was limping a little. Could my dog have arthritis or is he just getting used to the stairs and is sore?

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    3 Responses to “Does my dog have potential arthritis?”

    1. gogol_mo says:

      He could have arthritis. He could have missed a stair due to poor vision. He could just be sore from the different angle/spacing of the stairs. There are multiple things that could have happened. Check with your vet.

    2. TanteL says:

      Probably just getting used to the stairs, however, if he has hip dysplasia, the muscles around his hips may have been hiding the problem up till now. That’s what happened with my old Aussie. When he was eight, after a lifetime as a housepet, I took him to a herding clinic, where he spend the day joyously chasing sheep in circles. He slept for two days after we got home, and then started limping. Within three months he was on pain medication and needed it for the rest of his life. The muscles had made up for the dysplasia until he started getting old and they couldn’t recover from a day of overuse, and without that resiliency could no longer support his bones.

      If he’s not better in a week or ten days, call the vet.

    3. katiesonfire says:

      First of all depending on his breed depends on this answer. My Alsation was about 11 when he was noticeably ‘senior’ and he had a type of arthritis. However my current dog is a cocker spaniel and is 11, and she is just as sprightly as when she was a puppy. The rule of thumb is that the larger the dog, the earlier signs of ageing appears.

      If your dog is showing signs of his/her senior (and over 10 is automatically a senior no matter what breed- in vet terms) years, then the stairs may have just triggered the limping, nearly all aged dogs get stiff joints, it seems to come with the territory and going up and down the stairs can be hard work for stiff joints. However, if your dog is still quite nimble (before the move) he may have just caught a nerve whilst getting used to the stairs.

      In a nut shell, you need to judge it on his previous behaviour. If he was sprightly then stairs couldn’t have caused arthritis over night, and if he was already stiff, they have likely just put extra strain on his joints, if so you can purchase something called "glucosamine" for dogs. This stimulates healthy joints and bones, and I have given them to my current dog since she turned senior.
      Alternatively you can buy dog chews called "joint plus" by pedigree.

      Hope your dog is okay and gets used to the stairs!