Does anyone no a good way to train my two dogs to go to the bathroom on a pee pad??


My dogs are chiuahuas a girl 6yrs and boy 4yrs my girl dog used to do really good and go on the pad all the time. The boy he’s terrible he goes wherever I want them to learn to go only on the pad. Please help!!

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    4 Responses to “Does anyone no a good way to train my two dogs to go to the bathroom on a pee pad??”

    1. Lindsey says:

      Since he is older it will take a while to train him to do it, but it can be done. Everytime you catch him peeing not on a pad, made a loud noise (clap your hands, yell no, etc) to startle him into stopping, then grab him and put him on a pee pad to finish. If you can’t stop him, then just get him on the pad ASAP, after he finishes going on the pad give him a treat, pet him. The basic idea is make going on the wrong place unpleasant with loud noises, and make going on the pad pleasant with treats and pets.

      Also you might want to consider keeping the pad out all the time in a consistant place, so there is always the opportunity for him to use it.

      Also, you might want to consider "going back to the beginning" and crate training. Which means whenever your dog is running free inside you need to supervise, and keep him crated at night and when you are gone. This would require you being home a lot.

    2. Brittney H says:

      It will take a lot longer to train them since they are older.

    3. Krystal C says:

      IMO pee pads are useless. If hes not wanting to go on it….hes probably discovered the joy of peeing on grass. It might also be that he is trying to "mark" his territory and does not want to go only on a pad.

    4. A-Mon says:

      The way we trained our chihuahua to go on a pee pad, is every time he peed elsewhere, we immediately grabbed him and put him on his pad. Every single time. And made him stay there for a minute or two. Eventually, he learned thats where he needed to be when he pees.

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