Does anyone know any good anime I can watch? (Especially with romance)?

Does anyone know any good anime I can watch? (Especially with romance)?


These are the anime I watched so far:
Tokyo Mew Mew
Sailor Moon
Shugo Chara
Mermaid Melody
Kirarin Revolution
Gakuen Alice
Kamichama Karin
Yumerio Patissiere
Vampire Knight
Special A
La Corda D’oro
Ouran High School Host Club
Cardcaptor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Itazura na Kiss
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Code Geass
Super Gals
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Kaleido Star
Princess Tutu
Jewel Pet
Marmalade Boy
Hana yori Dango
Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Lovely Complex

Don’t mention Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece becuz i know them

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7 Responses to “Does anyone know any good anime I can watch? (Especially with romance)?”

  1. Nolan says:

    NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. this is a must see. this anime was groundbreaking. and disturbing. "End of Evangelion" is the finale. its a movie. its like gundam, only sleeker, and darker.

  2. Hugs says:

    Kimi ni Todoke! Sawako is apparently ”scary", being called Sadako for that reason. In real life, she’s actually a sweet and innocent girl! Can she make wonderful friendships? Or maybe even a romance?? ToraDora! One day, Ryuji comes to get his backpack to find a love letter from the palm top tiger, Aisaka! Mistaking his backpack for his bestfriend’s, Aisaka tries to get the letter back. This starts their quest for romance! Myself ; Yourself? When best friends separate, it’s sad. But what will happen when 1 of them comes back after all these years?? Kimi ni Todoke season 2! A continuation of 1. What will happen to Sawako?? Some other good ones: Bokura ga ita DN Angel Enjoy! These are all good an romance(: Sorry for any mistakes, I’m posting this off my phone xD.

  3. shiprincess says:

    omg i love this genre its my fave ^__^
    ouran high school host club(awesome)
    fruits basket(cool)
    kodocha(my fav)
    the wallflower(so funny)
    she the ultimate wepon(it made me cry)
    master negi negi(random)

    these are my fav’s you’ll love them ^___^

  4. Elisabeth says:

    ahh you’ve seen most of the good romance anime’s 🙂 haha
    but I’ll mention a few more and I’ll add the genre so you can
    pick which one you’d like the best!

    Junjou Romantica:
    It’s about a guy who needs help to get his grades back up. His older brother gives him advice to get his own tutor. He takes his advice and get’s his older brothers friend to tutor him. The tutor starts to fall for him and the romance between teacher and student begins. (I LOVE THIS STORY, ITS SO HILARIOUS) ecchi, romance, drama, harem, Yaoi, comedy

    Ghost Hunt:
    It’s about a high school girl who accidentally breaks a camera. Turns out that the guy who owns the camera is a 17 year old guy who owns a company that investigates supernatural stuff. She has to work as his assistant to re-pay the broken camera. The guy is a total narcissist, that’s why she gave him the nickname Naru. After awhile she soon starts to realize she’s got feelings for him. (It’s a bit scary but I LOVED IT SO MUCH. the comedy is awesome) Supernatural, comedy, little romance, shounenai.

    It’s about a guy who wants to start a band with his friend. He tries to finish a song for this audition but he can’t seem to get it right. One day, when he’s out in the park & the paper he has written the notes on flies away. He tries to run after it and then bumps into someone. The person he bumps into tells him the song sucks. Turns out this person is a famous author. He soon starts to find this author interesting. ( I LOVE THIS STORY! ONE OF MY FAVE YAOI STORIES EVER!) romance, comedy, a little action, music, drama

    It’s about a guy who walks from town to town, searching for a girl with wings. When he was little, his mom used to tell him stories about a sad girl who had wings. For living, he does a puppet show. Then one day, a high school girl finds him sleeping. She can tell that he’s thirsty so she gives him juice. Afterwards he comes with her to her house and eats dinner. She then decides to make this traveler her friend. She tells him about these odd dreams she’s having, about a girl with wings. (This story is so beautiful, it made me cry so much. But it has a bit of comedy as well) comedy, a little romance, drama, tragedy.

    Earl And Fairy:
    This is a story about a woman who works as a fairy doctor. She can see fairies and talk to them, but everyone think she’s crazy, cause duh fairies doesn’t exist. Anyways a criminal from England finds out about her powers and believes in them, he then decides to kidnap her. Even if he’s a criminal, he is very rich and all the ladies in the town adore him. It’s sort of a love story between the fairy doctor and the criminal. (I really liked this story, its very cute! And it has tons of hot guys in it lol if you are interested in that) comedy, romance, old-times/history, shounenai, harem.

    Skip Beat!:
    This anime is a story about a girl who wants to take revenge on her ex boyfriend. Ever since she was little she’s been very close to her ex boyfriend. They crew up together. He asked her to come with him to Japan so he could become famous, of course she agreed to this (cause she loved him). She left her friends, family and everything. Later it turns out he was just using her, and he never thought of her as a girlfriend. Then she decides to take revenge on him by becoming a famous singer herself. On the way, she meets her ex boyfriend’s enemy. She become’s close to this person. (I had to admit that I was a bit disappointed at the ending, cause I felt like there was still something’s that were unclear to me.. but the plot itself is very interesting!) Comedy, Action, Music, A little romance, Shounenai, drama

    Hanasakeru Seishounen:
    It’s a “love” story. The girl’s father is a very rich and powerful man. One day her father comes up with a game she might like to play. The game is about finding a husband. Her father has already picked out three husbands for her to choose from, but he wont give out their name. When she’s found her husband, he will tell her what her destiny is. The girl agrees to this idea. Her bodyguard doesn’t seem pleased with this task, cause he loves her. But she doesn’t know that. (I love this story! It’s so cute. I really like the plot it-self. Its not one of those typical romance anime series cause the story is very interesting) comedy, drama, romance, shounenai, harem, politics.

    An anime that has to do with school life / crush etc. The main character is a guy who is feared by everyone at his school. The reason they are so scared of him is because of his eyes, the eyes of a murder. The other person the students frighten is a cute short girl. Don’t let her looks fool you! She is so strong, even the teachers are scared of her. What happens when these two meet? (Ahh! I love this anime. At first I thought that I wouldn’t like it but it’s awesome! It’s so cute, funny and it even made me cry. The plot is really good! A MUST WATCH!) comedy, drama, school-life, romance.

  5. Heather says:

    Blood plus, D.N. Angel, inuyasha

  6. stephen k says:

    The Wallflower might work out nicely for you