Does anyone have a dog door for a 60 pound or over dog?


I’m wondering if we should get one for my dog or not or if it’s even possible or a good idea. I’m here all day but have a newborn and get wrapped up with the baby or other things around the house sometimes and wondered if it were possible to get a dog door for a dog this size? My dog stays on one level of the house only so if I’m on the other two, he can’t let me know if he needs to go out and I feel bad.

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    7 Responses to “Does anyone have a dog door for a 60 pound or over dog?”

    1. Katie Jane says:

      I have a dog flap and all 8 of mine use it, its the best thing ever!!
      My brand is STAYWELL its really good was easy to install and you can buy spare flaps for it

    2. *~ATL Braves Baby Girl~* says:

      Yes, they work wonders for just what you are needing and wanting one for.

      They sell them in Petsmart, and ever Lowes.

      Congrats on the new baby. 🙂

    3. Elyse (:<3:) says:

      There are some large dog doors that require a special piece of equipment on the collar to unlock the door so that nothing breaks in. you can find them at petsmart although they are very pricey.

      Here’s the link:

    4. Almost Bulletproof Heart says:

      I honestly wouldn’t get a dog door that large since it makes breaking in easier for bad people. Instead, set up a schedule of when you let the dog out and stick with that.

    5. Terran says:

      My great grandfather had one for his Golden Retriever. (60+ pounds) Just make sure that the dog can’t get out of the yard! Type it in Google to find one near you.

    6. Taylor says:

      Ya I probaly would. Just go to a Petsmart or Petco and just ask them if they have one. I have a Yellow lab and he loves the doggie door. Just make sure it is big enough for him to get through.

    7. Myra says:

      Just put one in this fall for my German Shepherd Dog. It is installed on small garage door leading out to the fenced in back Yard. In the garage he has his bed, carpet pcs. and water. However, I bring him in at night and this dr. has a piece you slip in to close it off, also installed a security door. As was said they are big enough for a full grown man to get in, that’s why security door. I would not put one in if it led into the house. Not only can a person come in thru it any critter could. I am assuming your dog is house broke so just let him out once in a while. I really like mine because our arrangement is great for both of us, he wants to be out in day light hrs. and I want him in with me at night.

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