Do you spoil….?


Do you spoil your kids on christmas?? My 9 yr old daughter gets everything she ask for with the expection of one or two things…this year, i got her a littlest pet shop paws off diary, puppies in my pocket, my littlest pet shop plug and play game, shinning stars yellow lab, frog and bug habitat, hannah montana star headset, littlest pet shop round and round pet town, razor e200 electric scooter, a 12 foot trampoline, high school musical dance mat, dogz 2 playstation2 game, seal webkinz, yellow lab webkinz, , white terrier webkinz, husky webkinz, chuihua webkinz, turtle webkinz and the wow wee fly tech dragon fly remote control
I,also have a 22 month old son and he got 10 gifts
my daughter is not a sopiled brat and appreciates everything she gets…during the year, she gets a few gifts here and there just because…the rest she goes out and gets it with her allowance that she earns by doing chores and whatnot
stepahnie loves sam…..I d not get my daughter whatever she wants…she had the fur real butterscotch pony on there and that is 250.00…i refused to get that so i do not get whatever she wants and she does not come to expect everything
my parents did the same for me growing up and i had 2 other siblings and we were not spoiled brats

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22 Responses to “Do you spoil….?”

  1. Andrea :] says:

    Wow. I never got that kind of presents when I was that young. Your kids will be very happy. You must be really wealthy

  2. Sweet Heart V says:

    well i only get about 10 gifts but i dont care i emjoy them and always hav my moms company

  3. d m says:

    And the reason for the season is……? My philosophy has always been the only way to spoil children is to treat them like fruit… don’t handle too roughly of ignore for too long. Kids get way overwhelmed with all this "stuff" and as a reasonable parent it’s your job to protect them from their lust for MORE. For heaven’s sake at least give all this plastic-crap-you’ll-be-picking up off-the-floor-for-weeks to your precious little one in small does. They get so over sensitized with everything at once and just maybe if they have time between they may forget the one or two things you missed.

  4. mcdannells says:

    It is nice a person can afford to spoil there kids, however not everyone is fortunate enough to do so.
    Not only can everyone not afford to do this through money, but there is a mental thing that happens when one spoils a child.
    The child gets selfish, rude,whiny, tantrums, then the child grows up a whole new set of problems set it.
    So in the end the parents are not doing the kid any good by spoiling them.
    Most religions frown on this as well.
    Plus I really thing people who spoil there children like this are bragging in a way, "look at what I am doing. I must be a better parent then you because I can buy my kids anything they want", get it?
    I have a sister like you and her kid is now older and feels the world revolves around him, totally revolves around him from what another person is wearing to what kind of car they are driving. That kid wont even talk to most people because they are not as good as he is. My sister created this monster by spoiling him. Hopefully this kid never has to stand on his own two feet, just think if he does and fails what is going to happen to his self esteme.
    How much does self esteme cost again…

  5. interestedparty says:

    My kids are 20 and 15 now. They do not respect you at all if they get it all. They expect and require restictions-if you fail, they raise the bar.

    The kids should not be the ones who determine the expenses you make. You do with your income. Never go overboard to please anyone. You will have to live with what you save or lose.

    If nothing else, you do know an income is not forever. How many mos of exp. do you have saved? If you can not float at least 3 mos. of all exp., you better reevaluate what you spend.

    My kids respect that i keep them in a good home with all that they have. If I spend a mere 120 on them at Chrsitmas, they are good with that too as long as I spend it wisely. No kid likes mindless crap. We all know it ends up under their beds anyway.

    Do not contribute to the mind drain we have going here. Kids need and respect limits. If they see you expending your limits for a holiday, they will probably do the same.

    Instill success and responsibility instead. They can deal with not havin all their friends have.

  6. Stephanie Loves Sam says:

    honestly i feel a little sorry for u. u get ur kid everything she wants now so guess what she is just going to be asking for more. what happens in a few years when she wants the latest gaming system and 20 games for it, the newest cell phone and the best and most expensive iPod she can find. what are u going to do then. no im not a parent. but when i do have kids i am going to make them work for the things they want. make them learn the meaning of a dollar just like my parents are doing with me. if i want a class ring i have to buy it myself. if i want to take driver’s ed classes i have to pay myself. if i want a car i have to pay myself. u arent doing ur kid any good by spoiling her like that.

    EDIT: your exact words "My 9 yr old daughter gets everything she ask for with the expection of one or two things" i am just saying that u dont need to get her everything to make her love u. my parents dont buy me everything and im fine with that. take it from a kid’s point of view. i see a lot of friends of mine who get everything they want and they dont know how to help themselves. whenever they have a problem they go crying to mommy and daddy for help. u got ur kid 18 gifts. my parents have gotten me that many in the last 7 years for christmas. i am just saying that if u continue to do what u r doing now she is going to expect everything she wants in a few years. y not take her to ring bells for the salvation army. and show her that not everyone gets what they want and not everyone is as fortunate as her. u say u get her everything she asks for and honestly that isnt right. she is going to realize that she can push u far enough to get anything and everything she wants or needs. ur the parent not her. u need to set limits for urself. im not being rude im just speaking the truth

  7. brandyfrnga says:

    I grew up with very little, many times we didnt even have food to eat. My brothers and I never got our hopes up for anything, even Christmas because it hurt too much to be let down. Coming up like that I learned to appreciate everything that I got. Now that I am a mother of a 4 yr old boy, I try to not let him do without but I do not go over board with anything. My mother spoils him, I guess since she wasnt able to spoil us, but I refuse to go crazy for christmas. The one time that I did, he was scared and didnt want to open anything, so that didnt happen again. Anyhow, I wont spoil my son with material things, just love.

  8. Lynn B says:

    I limit my boys to 5 gifts each. They are spoiled enough by their grandparents. It sounds like your daughter is really spoiled.

  9. enochsangel says:

    I always spluge on Christmas. But sometimes we get sooo caught up in spoiling our kids, that it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. Every year my kids have gotten very expensive gifts, and this year I started my own business, so were gona figure out the true meaning. Were just buying everyone a LITTLE something and wow, my kids are taking it extremely well. I think it’s great when you can do this, and if you have it, spend it, you can’t take it with ya right! God bless!

  10. Jennifer W says:

    This year will be my baby’s first Christmas, so I think I’m letting Grandma and Grandpa "spoil" him. People love to get stuff for my little guy, so I figure, let em!

    However, by age 9, your daughter might start EXPECTING to get everything on her list. Then she’ll end up like the spoiled cousin on Harry Potter and start DEMANDING and throwing tantrums to get what she wants. If she’s a good kid and "deserves" to be "spoiled," it’s okay on special occasions. Just try not to do it to the point your child controls you… YOU are the parent!

  11. jeffery d says:

    Hey! I am a financial coach, and I actually set a spending plan for everything including christmas. My partner on the other hand, she spent $1,800 this year on a bedroom suite for our daughter plus at least 10 other gifts so far. By far beyond my spending plan of $2,500 for everyone’s christmas.

  12. valerie h says:

    I do but there has to be limits and exceptions because money don’t grow on trees.

  13. SUE says:

    WOW!! That’s a lot of stuff for a 9 year old. We get our only child a bunch of stuff, educational toys, books, a couple of movies, none of which sets us back more than about $10 per item. He’s also been known to get stuff from yard sales. This year, he got the boxer shorts he’s been asking for, but only because his little tighty whiteys finally got too small.

    Your list seems a bit excessive. How long are you paying for all that?

    Oh, yeah, and how long do you think she’ll be playing with it?

  14. bpeletz says:

    yes spoil away…but it sounds like she already is and your baby is well on its way

  15. laughingISmyPassion says:

    i’m only a teenager, but i’ve seen parents spoil their kids, definetly if you keep giving her all that, she’s going to expect a lot of things.

  16. ~Starbuck$~ says:

    your little girl is very lucky! yes i get alot of presents for christams too!

  17. Willow says:

    If you don’t buy your kids everything they absolutely want during the year then I don’t see anything wrong with buying them a lot of gifts for Christmas – and only if you have the money. But make sure your kids know that Christmas is not just about receiving. Maybe take them to pick out gifts for other people.

  18. Crazygirl says:

    I feel poor.

  19. Amee says:

    wow thats a lot but yeah I will when shes old enough, only 6 months old now.

  20. Cae says:

    You must be fairly wealthy O_O

  21. KittyKiller03 says:

    yes i sure do…

  22. kelsey f says:

    i plan on spoiling my son!

    i didnt get much this year because he’s only 5months but i plan on it next year!!

    this year i just bought TONS of clothes & shoes. & toy wise, hes getting a jump-a-roo, some jungle thing that he puts balls into (i forget the name, lol), books, a star stacker, hmm.. tonnns of link-a-doos (hes obsessed with them), andd a couple other small things for his stocking.