Do you let your dog on the couch/bed?


My husband lets our dog on the couch, and this really bothers me. We have a baby on the way, and I am especially conscious of germs. When we take our dog out, she’ll pee, and then turn around and step in her pee… not to mention she (obviously, lol) doesn’t wear underwear – meaning her "business end" is right on the couch, likely getting all sorts of wonderful germs on the couch that I’m sure nobody would want their child getting in his or her mouth. I’m fine with having the dog, that isn’t the question, but my husband doesn’t see anything wrong with letting the critter on the couch whereas I see something horribly wrong with it for the sake of our soon-to-be newborn (mind you newborns don’t have much of an immune system at first).

Do you have any suggestions? Any resources or facts about germs animals transfer to furniture or anything like that?

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    14 Responses to “Do you let your dog on the couch/bed?”

    1. hunny bunny says:

      I don’t see much of anything wrong with letting her on the couch/bed unless she tears it up. And don’t worry about the baby. Unless your child has a condition where the slightest germ can make him/her sick, you shouldn’t worry about the dog getting him/her/ sick. 🙂 I work with babies and most of their families have pets and I haven’t heard any stories of the pets getting them sick.
      But if you are worried about it, you should ask your doctor and it might be a good idea to consult a vet. and see what they might say about it.
      And congratulations!!!

    2. Kristen A says:

      You have nothing to worry about. As far as every day germs go, i see your point. Our vet told me that dogs can’t give humans colds or anything. But to be on the safe side, you can keep your dog off the bed/couch if you are really worried about the germ factor. However, if you want your dog to remain on the couch/bed, you could give her her own bed, or blanket to put on these surfaces.

    3. LuLu says:

      Congrats on the baby!
      i let my dogs on the couch and my bed, but there isnt any young childer in my home so its not a prob for my family.
      i would suggest you start training your dog to stay off the couch soon tho
      Good Luck:)

    4. ♥ ωє'яє тнє уσякιєѕ σƒ αмєяι¢α ♥ says:

      Yes, my dog is allowed on our couch and my bed. I don’t believe they transfer germs.

    5. *~ATL Braves Baby Girl~* says:

      Yes, all my pets are allowed on the beds/couches. They are a big part of my home and family.. so of course they are allowed on there!.

      The baby is going to be in a crib or basinett anyways.. why does it matter if the dogs are on the couch/bed?

    6. Shaylow says:

      I have a maltese and she sleeps on the bed with me.. But if she is a big dog, and she is walking in her urine, i would say there are chances she can get infected. Go to your vet every few months to have check-ups. If they find worms, keep her quarantined away from the baby, and clean her messes.
      You could wipe her feet when she comes in, and we bought a "snuggy" blanket (not a snuggy, an actual blanket.) from petsmart that matches our living room and she sleeps on that!! hahaha.. oh and having a dog around a baby, reduces their chances of allergies!

    7. Nicky says:

      no dnt let her up!! germs and shedding will occur. and specially with a baby on the way o no no no!! just suggest it calmly first and then if he says no just get a little more stern everytime you say it. goodluck

    8. lısɐ says:

      You need to talk to your husband. I never let my female dog on the couch nor the bed, because I just want her to know that I have my place and she has hers (which is a pet bed beneath the couch). I also try to avoid dominance problems this way. It’ll be hard to reteach your dog that she is not allowed anymore on the couch, because a habit is hard to break. But you need to reteach her ASAP, because some dogs get jealous of babies.

      Edit: Teach her the word "off". Everytime she jumps the couch put her down gently and as her paws touch the floor say "off". She will catch it pretty soon.

    9. UHave2BeKiddingMe says:

      Yes my dogs are on the couch and the bed.

      If you were really scared of germs might I add the getting pregnant part is not the most sterile of circumstances, talk about germs.

      You think dogs have germs, wait til you clean a few diapers from that kid.

      This is just an excuse for you to get rid of your husbands dog, I suggest you drop it.

      Resources- dog germs are not harmful to children, I would worry more about my dog getting kid germs

    10. Claire says:

      Yes. There’s nothing wrong with it. You come into more contact with germs in your kitchen than you do with your dog. Seems to me you’re just being nitpicky about the dog.

      Aduial basically said what I was thinking.

    11. DAVID E says:

      My sis has two baby boys and they turned out fine and the dogs are on the couches a bunch!

    12. Aduial says:

      Yes I let my dogs up on the bed and couch. It doesn’t bother me. You do realize that you don’t come into contact with any more germs from that then you do anyway. Having a dog on the couch doesn’t mean there are more germs in your house than there are if it was on the floor. So I don’t really see your argument.

    13. Heather says:

      No I don’t let my dogs on my couch or my bed. Germs are probably not going to be a major issue. My dogs aren’t allowed on the bed or couch because it’s disrespectful and not polite.

    14. jlb says:

      I let my dog on the couch but rarely on the bed. However, if I were expecting a baby, I really would not know what to do. I can understand your concern. That would scare me too.