Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my house neat with two dogs?


I have two couches each one has two or three sheets etc . on them to keep them clean. The house looks like a mess all the time. Each dog takes up the entire couch, and bed which I am always about to fall out of. Planning on keeping them around for the next 18 years.

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    4 Responses to “Do you have any suggestions on how to keep my house neat with two dogs?”

    1. dee says:

      The best way I know of from previous expirence with dogs, is to get them trained using a dog trainer and ask for them to be tranied off couches…thats all i can think of at present … soz

    2. shea s says:

      You sound like you have your hands full. I have three dogs and I know what you mean. I keep blankets on the couch so when company comes I can just pull them off. We have gotten a bigger bed as like you I never had any room but now I tell them to get off of the bed. We are going to get a bigger house with land. That is the only way it can be done. My mom has 5 shepherds and they are never a problem sure she has to clean more than a house with no pets but she loves them and they are great for her too. I guess start saveing for a new home or tell you hubby/boyfriend to start. lol

    3. Alex says:

      having them house-trained so as to making them notice what things they should not do in the house and also could make them behave themselves.

    4. SUSAN W says:

      Don’t allow your dogs on the sofa would be one point, keep them confined to the ground..
      If they get on the sofa keep taking them back off and trat them everytime they do this, use a command with it like "OFF" and in time they will realise that sofas and other furniture is a no go zone for them