Do you care if your dog food is organic?

Do you care if your dog food is organic?


Whether commercial or raw diet?

My local pet supply chain just started stocking Innova’s "Karma" – the most thoroughly organic dog food I know of.

But it’s .99 for a 6 lb bag, and that’s the only size they sell. Whaaaat?

Taste of the Wild, a better food (more and better meat sources) except non-organic, is .99/6 lb bag

If I’m at the supermarket picking up meats for my pups and the organic stuff is close in price to the non-organic, I’ll get the organic.

But 3x the price? /lb – more expensive per/lb than actual organic chicken itself?

Kinda like a hybrid car – I’ll gladly become a customer when you make the price within reason.

I would think raw feeders might want to feed organic as an extension of some of the reasons why they turned away from commersh food in the first place.

There is the USDA standard, and Karma is USDA certified organic.

Alot of other ‘organic’ foods use other entities for certification – and I find all that to be completely non-credible.

I don’t think there is zero actual value in truly organic food – just not enough for me personally to pay much extra for it.

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    13 Responses to “Do you care if your dog food is organic?”

    1. Felicia Q says:

      No.. I don’t feed my dogs organic dog food.

      I don’t want them to outlive me…LOL

    2. Liviu says:

      Why trouble with problem?

      You can feed your dog organic food prepared just for him at your home.

      Learn more about

      I hope this was helpful.

    3. Proud owner of a maltipoo says:

      I try to stick to the organic ones more but as long as it doesn’t contain anything Purina would use I’m good with it

    4. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

      The vitamins and minerals they supplement with can not be organic and must be from China. So I don’t see the point in paying that much anyway. Especially after Natura sold out to P&G. Raw food diet=much cheaper and when you balance it no need for any vitamin supplementation:)

      BTW, this maybe of interest, while I used to believe organic was best and no harm, some organic foods have aflatoxins. It is a mold (from what I understand) that may cause serious health issues in people and pets such as seizures.

      but I do think if buying GROUND meat it must be organic because of the chemicals they use in nonorganic ground. for dog or person imo.

      the benefits of organic are higher nutritional value, no GMOs (well, GMOs do slip in unfortunately), no chemicals.

    5. AylaTheLearnedProtectorofAnimals says:

      Yes, actually I DO care. FYI foods that are NOT organic have artificial crap in them. Artificial coloring, flavor and other harmful processed chemicals can affect a dog’s health. Most dogs can handle non-organic foods just like people can, but some cannot. Some dogs are actually allergic to all the fake crap in their foods.

      Go ahead and think it’s another touchy feely scam, but it’s not. Do some research before you talk nonsense.

      Karin – I meant to give you a TU, but I accidently gave you a TD!

    6. T J says:

      There is no definition of "organic" in dog food labeling. So what you get that is organic is completely up to the food producer. So IMHO all you are paying extra for is a warm fuzzy feeling.

    7. ĴĔŃŃŶ ■■■■■ says:

      Nope, i couldn’t care less.

    8. Karin T says:

      YES YES YES.
      Cheap dog food has fake meats, and grains, which is NOT healthy for your dog’s digestion.
      Choose Natural Balance organic wet or dry food, if you care about it’s digestion

    9. ally says:

      I would buy organic if it were cheaper.

    10. Brenda says:

      I try to keep my dogs’ stuff as organic and eco-friendly as possible. But sometimes it’s just very expensive. I do the best that I can when I get them food from the store… Sometimes I actually end up making my own dog food (because, you’re right… the regular chicken is actually cheaper!). However, I get many of my other supplies from because they’re just so earth-friendly.

    11. Launi ~Thundering ~ Wild Angels~ says:

      Organic? As far as I am concerned it is another *labeling* factor to knock up the price so much people really think they are getting something really good.


    12. D.E.Bunker says:

      ROTFLMFAO>>>>>>>>>>NO,of course not.
      I don’t give a rodent’s rear that *mine* isn’t!!! I prefer NOT to waste money on new-age touchy-feely clap-trap.

    13. ms manners says:

      I dont buy organic for myself, so I am certainly not going to spend the money for organic for my dogs. If I had a dog that could not handle regular dog food, I would make my own.

      Organic does have a value – it usually reflects produce raised without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and meat raised without hormones and antibiotics. For some people that makes a difference (my mother is highly allergic to a whole array of things, and she can only handle certain "natural" meats and organic produce.)

      When I grew my own produce and fruit I grew it organically, both because it contains more nutrients and because I did not want my children eating pesticide residue.

      My dogs are not that lucky. :o)