Direct Line Pet Insurance – New TV Ad with Stephen Fry and Paul Merton


This is our new Pet insurance TV advert. Cover your dog from £8 per month and cat from £6 per month, plus £1000 worth of pet food to be won every week(offer expires 31.03.09). Visit our website: or call our UK based call centres on 0845 246 8696.

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    16 Responses to “Direct Line Pet Insurance – New TV Ad with Stephen Fry and Paul Merton”

    1. NobleSkull says:

      I am making a remix of this. I just watched it and I just thought “YTPMV TIME!”

    2. ins127 says:

      My 7 mth loves this too, but goes mad for the new Ribena “Berryness” ad,

    3. benknightmobile says:

      our 10 month old is the same also.he is sat on my knee now and we are looking at all the adverts. He also likes go compare.

    4. minestrone3 says:

      my 2 year old had pulled out his penis and urinated on the tv set while this commercial was on. he later explained that it was his protest against phoney commercialism fry and merton have succumbed to

    5. jezz2k says:

      The number of times this advert is on! My GOD, somebody shoot me!

    6. mrlaurahunterx says:

      Now i wonder why they’re not on price comparison websites. Hmm maybe because there prices are extortionate ! They’re a rip off.

    7. BrummieAaron says:

      Haha crazy reading these comments as I have have only got this on for my 10 month old boy! He also goes mad for the go compare advert!

    8. 3nkfj says:

      If you’re thinking of getting AA breakdown cover, then sign up to freebiejeebies using my link on my vids and I’ll send you £7 by direct debit or cash if you live near me.

    9. rightcar says:

      My little boy who is now 11 months also loves this ad!!..he drops everything and can crawl across the floor at record speed whenever he hears the tune!! 🙂

    10. rizibaba says:

      oh gosh i thought it was my son only but i am surprise to hear u all….. isn,t it strange? he hs bn doing this since he was 4 months old i mean stops everything n starts watchin this advert.. now he is almost 8months n screams when its on he also likes cow&gate commercial….so cute

    11. dancerinthedark84 says:

      my wee 9 month girl loves this ad actually she loves all the direct line ads everytime it goes on she stops everything she is doing to watch it and as soon as it is finished she cont whats shes doing weirdddd lol

    12. BeccyBullet says:

      every time the advert comes on, no matter what hes doing, my 9 month old brother turns around and stares at the tv. apparently hes not the only one :L

    13. strawberryacid123 says:

      ma wee boy luvz it tooo.and any other car ins advert , noticed this when he was 3 mnth .. hes 8 month now , as soon as it comes on the telly he is glued, he even wakes up out his sleep if it comes on the telly .. the sad thing is a work for directline car insurance !!!

    14. WezDavies says:

      my 7 month old luvz this aswell. also that csl robot advert

    15. polkadorkess says:

      Why do you care?

      My 7 month old LOVES your adverts by the way. Now /that’s/ bizarre…

    16. thatdrattedcat says:

      I’d heard of this but could not conceive of it
      How on earth does a pet insurance company have enough money in their advertising budget to hire two voiceovers that surely cost a ridiculous amount each for an ad that only needs one? Is it for the admitted frisson of hearing Paul Merton and Stephen Fry voice an ad together when it’s common knowledge that the latter has publicly condemned the former’s behavior in regard to Angus Deayton?