CuteWinFail, Ep. 12: Baby Takes the Wheel


A moose mounts a fake deer, baby takes the wheel and deers using doggy doors. To see other CuteWinFail eps. subscribe here: Bonus Clip!

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    25 Responses to “CuteWinFail, Ep. 12: Baby Takes the Wheel”

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    5. NATHANgnm says:

      @priceboy3 lol i agree

    6. priceboy3 says:

      I think the WIN was a CUTE
      And the CUTE was a WIN

    7. dave212kill says:

      @SexyChck7821 whore

    8. NinjasKill123 says:

      @freedomcry09 How is that a parenting fail? The baby’s not doing anything wrong, he’s just bouncing in a seat.

    9. dadadadumchinchilla says:

      LOL that was a male deer

    10. SexyChck7821 says:

      i dont want to have kids i want to have sex with lots of guys til, i xunno like 30 or so

    11. Lillirosealie67 says:


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    20. seneson says:

      tap 6 repeatedly

    21. mychickenpoped says:

      “Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter”

    22. mychickenpoped says:

      “Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter”

    23. poopsack21 says:

      Bambi is seeking revenge on the moose

    24. jakip717 says:

      1) Hold your breath.

      2) Copy all of these steps.

      3) Go to two other video.

      4) Paste it in the comments.

      If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

      i did this and im still holding my breath

    25. BCamielle says: