CUTE VIDEO!! Coco plays fetch by herself!

CUTE VIDEO!! Coco plays fetch by herself!


Dog uses stairs to play fetch by herself! Special thanks to: John, Darcy, Mike, Dave DeRose, and Coco the dog! Video created as part of a school project for Chicago Booth Accelerated Disruption Challenge.

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    3 Responses to “CUTE VIDEO!! Coco plays fetch by herself!”

    1. xxKaoruLoverxx says:

      Awww… THIS IS SO CUTE! What kind of breed is Coco?

    2. arachnophilegrrl says:

      While this is cute, part of me is saying, “put down the camera and play w/ your puppy!” 😉

      Very cute video though. 😀 😀 It’s only becuase my own dog is looking at me with that, “take me for a walk NOW!” look. XD

    3. zZTheMightyZz says:

      Such an innocent video… yet again showing… dogs are absolutely awesome