Crazy Pug running up and down the stairs


This is my crazy pug Dan screaming while running up and down the stairs…

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    7 Responses to “Crazy Pug running up and down the stairs”

    1. IronWolvesBand says:

      like mine but faster

    2. anth0ny718 says:


    3. Gorillaz1178 says:

      does his ears fly back and his eyes bulge out too?

    4. yanyan912 says:

      lol!! mine does exactly the same! its so funny!! =D

    5. Gorillaz1178 says:

      my pug growls too, hes really silly like your pup and he runs with his tail and butt tucked in lmao

    6. yanyan912 says:

      he growls whenever he gets too excited lol

    7. sargentaaron2004 says:

      LOl whats he growling at?