Corn snake heating question?


Right i have a 7 month old corn snake, i keep him in a glass vivarium and use wood chips as substrate. Ive got a 20w heating mat on one side of the vivarium that isnt currently hooked up to a thermostat. The thing is is that one pet shop (the one who sold me the snake and original setup) didnt provide me with a thermostat and when i went to another pet shop she insisted i buy one so i did, now numerous people have told me to get rid of the thermostat because my corn will get too cold and not digest his meal. I dont know what to think anymore i just want my corn happy… what should i do?

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4 Responses to “Corn snake heating question?”

  1. ian says:

    If the heat mat is one that sticks under your tank put its hiding box over it , since after they eat they spend the next 3 to 4 days hiding . This will help it digest its food quick , Try not to let the rest of the tank drop below 70 and you will be fine. O YA . You dont need an 80 doller heat panel . I own and breed . corns, kings, and milks.

  2. Central Virginia Reptiles says:

    You should use a thermostat. Set the temperature to 88 degrees for the basking site temperature. A heat pad is not sufficient enough to raise the ambient air temperature. You need either a radiant heat panel or a ceramic heat emitter also controlled by the thermostat to accomplish this. The ambient air temperature should be 82-84 degrees. Nighttime temperatures can be allowed to fall into the upper 60’s (68) or low 70’s.

  3. redwidow says:

    buy a thermometer for each end of the enclosure, one end should be around 70-80 F the other end should be between 85-90 F. thermostat use is purely personal for some people its easier for some its a pain. try it with the thermostat if you don’t like it, lose it. You may also want to invest in an overhead light with a daylight and night bulb (unless it’s an albino of some sort then you’ll just want a night bulb) the overhead heat will keep the air in the enclosure warm while the mat will give him a warm spot just make sure they’re both on the same side of the enclosure . Set your thermostat, check the temps in the enclosure, 30 mins. later check it again, adjust the thermostat up or down according to the temps. As long as you give him a temp gradient as described, if it gets too warm the thermostat will kick it off as needed, just keep an eye on your temps. You could just leave the thermostat off but if the temp drops or raises at night or when you’re not home the heating mat wont kick on as needed. keep in mind though, watch your temps, you may have to adjust the thermostat every day or so according to the temperature in your house and outside.