Chihuahua take French Bull Dog as a Bed


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    22 Responses to “Chihuahua take French Bull Dog as a Bed”

    1. Randyrockpile says:

      Ha-ha I like this video.
      From Randy and Tillman

    2. chimiechew says:

      Awesome video from my two favorite dogs Chihuahua and French Bulldog. I am making a channel in honor of my dog Chichi who i got from the pound because no one wanted a Chihuahua who is a diabetic, so i have adopted him and want to share with others my best friend, i will be loading videos soon.

    3. michaelplaying says:

      Wonderful video.
      I love your dogs and very
      beautiful music too.
      Friendly greetings,

    4. sarkazzII says:

      sooooooo cuteeee

    5. judyesther says:

      They are so cute.
      Great video.
      Best wishes,

    6. celinha1953 says:

      I never get tired to watch your videos, they are so cute! 5*

    7. Tadek59 says:

      Awesome Video !

    8. chihuahuabulldog says:

      Sweet, patient, tolerant, loveable little Apple!

    9. IStandForIsrael says:

      LOL! Apple makes a comfy bed.

    10. FAUSTORICCARDO says:

      They are adorable

    11. rockops says:

      Snore for me Apple. Come on Pie, it’s nap time, Apple needs his beauty sleep. hehe…

    12. TommyAndGracie says:

      Pie sure makes it hard for Apple to take a nap. : )
      Apple is the most patient big brother ever! They are so adorable together. : )

    13. japanesesen says:

      Awesome video! Lovely cute Pie and a patient brother Apple!! 10*

    14. TheLifeofShadow says:

      they are so cute together! 🙂

    15. PaytonAndRocco says:

      So adorable!

    16. bugsme10 says:

      hello Apple.
      is Pie not letting you sleep again.
      maybe bugsme will come and play with you so Apple can sleep.

    17. DogsAreMyLife says:

      Apple and Pie get along so well, its fun to watch them play together! TY for posting! -Rob

    18. fortinjack77 says:

      That is simply adorable.:)

    19. BasicModelling says:

      Apple has the patience of a saint.. 🙂

    20. weeyin1155 says:

      Poor Apple is so tired, he just sleeps through it all when Pie is trying to distrb him. LOL How lovely. Big hugs to you all..Jan, Susan and Jack. ♥

    21. BocaFriend says:

      Oh, my! I have never seen such a tenacious little guy! Pie literally tried to pull the blanket forward so he could squeeze himself in between the sofa and Apple! If Pie knew where there was a shoehorn and a bit of grease or butter to make himself slide in between the leather and big Brother, we’d never
      see him again; he’d be pressed into a postcard!

      My Tico would always wrap himself around my waist as I sat. His head hidden around back, I had his bottom up front on my thigh!

      Perfect music

    22. pauldpru says:

      These two are so cute!!