Chihuahua puppy in crate? Screaming!?


I asked a question earlier, but it was NOT phrased right and everyone jumps to the conclusion my dog is being abused and not loved..

anyways. i just bought a chihuahua puppy after doing years of research, and am trying to crate train it. The only time is will be in its crate room will be during the day for 6hrs while I am at work. Its crate is in a laundry room with his food, toys, and potty pads, it had lots of windows and is big. In the mornings I walk and play with it and then put it in the laundry room. When I am home at 2 I let it out and it is left out all night until bedtime to play and walk.

My question is, when it gets put in its crate it cries and cries and dosent stop crying. You see i am trying to crate train it for the next couple days because I dont have work.It needs to get used to being alone for a while while I am at work. Also when I travel, crate training will be helpful. I try for 30min periods a couple times a day to put it in its crate an shut it and leave. It cries and cries for ever and dosent stop. I feel so bad! It tried to claw its way out of it, the crate should be a happy den place for it, not a torture cage! It is plenty big enough too, with all his toys and moms blanket in it.

also I dont want it to become too attached, because then I have heard of dogs having separation anxiety and I would never wish that on my baby!!
Will this stop?

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5 Responses to “Chihuahua puppy in crate? Screaming!?”

  1. Fishbrains says:

    Crate training must be done VERY VERY GRADUALLY and you cannot force a dog into a crate EVER, or it will not work.

    You must slowly build up the dog’s confidence and associate the crate with nothing but positive things. The dog must only have happy thoughts being in the crate for it to work. If it ever feels trapped in the crate, he will not like being in it again.

    You can do things like feed it in the crate. Make it super dark by covering it with towels.Leave the door open in the beginning. Put all its favorite treats and toys in there. Then close the door but don’t lock it. Only when you’re confident that your dog chills out or sleeps everytime it is in the crate, you can lock the door and leave it alone… but not for too long. Maybe a few seconds to start with. Then a minute, 5 mins, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. GRADUALLY. If you do it right, this could take months to over a year, but it will be positive for your dog.

  2. bluebonnetgranny says:

    Sorry, but I don’t like crate training as a training tool or a place to stick a pup for hours to lay in his own pee & poo.

    The crate room sounds like the perfect place to leave him while you are at work or at night. I don’t see a need to crate train him when he has such a lovely place.

    To make more like a den in crate you can cover it with something to make it darker in there, like a real den. Face it away from the windows & make it a good place to sleep. But don’t cage him in there.

    If you are traveling, that is a different story. But you would be making enough stops to see that he gets to go potty.

  3. Elaine M says:

    Give her something to do–a Kong toy with frozen peanut butter in the hole (or canned cat food) will keep the dog occupied. Letting the dog out when it cries will only reinforce the noise levels because to the dog the crying got the result—you’ll be stuck with a dog who continues to do this then.

    I’m concerned about the 6 hour time span. Most dogs can’t hold pee over 3 hours when awake. Having the dog forced to eliminate in the crate won’t help with the training.

  4. Ashley says:

    Definitly put a few shirts of yours in the crate that you have just worn but don’t mind getting them dirty since your puppy may piddle on them. It’ll create a stronge bond between you and it helps soothe them since it has your scent. I do this anytime I kennel my dog, since he was a puppy and if he stays at another house one goes with him. Also, try feeding her in the crate too, don’t shut her in until she’s comfortable and don’t worry if she doesn’t go all the way inside each time. You can also leave little pieces of dog food inside the blankets to keep her busy. I’d even start her being in there for only a few minutes and then play soon as she gets out so she knows something good comes out of being kenneled. Good luck!
    BTW: stinky shirts are the best, like after you work out or one you’ve worn all day

  5. Claudia Shapiro says:

    Who don’t you want your dog to get too attached to? YOU?
    If you don’t want your dog to get too attached to you because you’re scared of "separation anxiety" then you shouldn’t have a dog. After a few days of you leaving and coming back your dog will realize that you will always come back and will just cry not because it’s scared, but because it doesn’t want you to leave, but they stop a few minutes after you’re gone.
    If you don’t want your dog to cry then leave it in the pantry but not in a cage, with a few of those training puppy pampers all over so your puppy can pee on them.
    Make sure there aren’t any detergents though, because your dog can get poisoned.
    You can put your dog in a safer room if you wish.
    You also have to take your dog out on a walk, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it doesn’t need exercise.
    A good 10 minute walk per day should be good for now since it’s only a puppy, and you can’t just let it run around the house, you have to interact with it or else it’ll ignore you and not even come near you when it grows up, it might not even cry or greet you when you come to the door if you don’t play with him now.