Cheap BIG dog bed!!


This is one of two beds we have for our dog. It was at LEAST 100 bucks cheaper then a large doggy bed (which aren’t that big to begin with) and much bigger then any doggy bed I have seen. Plus it keeps your dog off the cold floor (like our laundry room here). I am looking for one for the shop cuz that cement floor gets cold and she has nowhere but a pile of blankets to lie down in there. Poor little dawgy!!

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    24 Responses to “Cheap BIG dog bed!!”

    1. Goregoon says:

      @maliceee Thank you.

    2. Goregoon says:

      @thefreakinthecorner0 Thanks, she was a good girl and had a hard life before we rescued her!

    3. thefreakinthecorner0 says:

      im sorry about your dog…. ;(

    4. joyakkey1 says:

      @Goregoon Adorable dog Tish. Make it 5x smaller and I’ll have it in my house, LOL.

    5. maliceee says:

      sorry for tish :/

    6. popcornluver24 says:

      srry to here that my old dog died of cancer to 🙁 RIP roxs

    7. puppylover123456100 says:

      @Goregoon lol yeah 🙂

    8. Goregoon says:

      @puppylover123456100 Thanks. Ya, Tish was a good girl. We rescued Jen as well, about 3 weeks after we said goodbye to our old girl.

      Best darn dawgy bed in the world… if you have small dogs you could park a dozen there… LoL

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!!

    9. puppylover123456100 says:

      im srry but nice video

    10. Goregoon says:

      @joemac416 Yup LoL, she sure does take up a lot of real estate, that’s for sure. 125lb Akita-German Sheppard cross.

      Thanks for dropping by!!

    11. joemac416 says:

      thats a big ass dog

    12. DeanLyman says:

      ya i think they will

    13. Goregoon says:

      @DeanLyman Thanks, she’s a sweetheart! Your dogs will love it!

    14. Tankdriver100 says:

      @Goregoon — Funny. You are right about the flash Im sure. But get this; my dog is highly energetic and playful out side and when he wants to come in he announces it with a full repertoire of voices, barks if you will, till I let him in and then hes a perfect gentleman, very demure, tiptoes around with pretty much the same look, Jen has. Funny, I tell you

    15. DeanLyman says:

      i love your dog goregoon. she is sooo sweet!
      good idea with the bed. ill have to buy one for our dogs!

    16. Goregoon says:

      @Tankdriver100 I don’t know what it is about the camera. I think the flash freaks her out when I snap pics. She keeps expecting a flash I guess. She always looks like I’m about to smash her with it when indoors, BUT when outside she seems fine…. silly dawg

    17. Tankdriver100 says:

      Sweet, charming a n d funny. That dawgy hit the paradise jackpot.

    18. Goregoon says:

      @freddytk421 LoL

      Jen likes to try and claim our bed. She starts at our feet and by the morning she is in between us and both of us end up hanging on to the edges for dear life so as not to fall out!

    19. freddytk421 says:

      MY dog has a giant bed, it used to be mine but he claimed it I guess, he sometimes lets me sleep on it, If he is in a good mood.

    20. blackhalk24 says:

      @Goregoon lol nothing wrond with that lol

    21. Goregoon says:

      @AnnaLytical Cool, if you happen to come by one let me know.

    22. Goregoon says:

      @blackhalk24 Ya, we got it for Tish cuz the floor (actually the WHOLE DAMN ROOM) in the laundry room is cold. It’s an add on to the house done in 1967. BRRRRR! (house is 110 years old)

      It’s nice to have her off the floor and comfortable, our dog has more beds then WE do LoL!!

    23. AnnaLytical says:

      Jen’s so cute! That’s called a toddler bed. Damn! Wish I’d known.. my nephew had one shaped like a race car that they got rid of a while back! I will keep my eyes open for others. Lots of little kids on the other side of my sister’s family.

    24. blackhalk24 says:

      nothing wrong with having a bed for your dog just shows that you care for jen right bud take care and R.I.P TISH