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What are this VERY small kind of worms in dog's food.?

Tweet . My dog’s food started stinking and it had this kind of "dust" but when you look closer you see this VERY tiny worms walking all over the food. We throw it away but now this worms keep forming a "layer" over my dog’s water bowl. We washed and disinfected the water bowl several […]


Teigan Finds Josie’s Water Bowl!

Tweet . My 7 month old son discovers the dog’s water bowl. He Loves water and it shows! Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest


Dogs water bowls?

Tweet . Hi ….Ive got two dogs a jack russell and a puppy rotti . They have a water bowl each but use each others . One of the bowls has to be Changed once a day just to keep it fresj . But the other sometimes I change Like 3 times a day . […]


kaos new water bowl with pump

Tweet . More details later. Ill add a link for the pump and prob put a video up that allows you to actually see it. ha I got the idea from a friend of mine on youtube. I will also post a link to his site. I promise you will love it 🙂 Other Dog […]


Why does my dog drink so much water?

Tweet . My dog is a german shepherd b itch (14 years old) she is in good health and is active. Just recently she has started to drink more water than usual. She gets through about 3 full bowls of water a day thats about 3-4 litres. It can’t be the heat-it’s winter. Do you […]

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