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Is it worth bringing my dog home just yet?

Tweet . My dog’s been at a kennel for the last week because my husband and I are getting floorboards in our house polished and everyone had to move out. My kids went to my sister’s, my cat went to a cattery, my husband and I went to a hotel and my dog went to […]


How would you deal with my mother-in-law?

Tweet . My mother-in-law has a pet poodle that she takes with her wherever she goes – including to our home when she stays with us. Over the years I’ve had some concerns about hosting this dog in the same house as my young kids since he would display hostility toward them. So for a […]


So, my dog has NEVER done this before…. What do I do?!!!?

Tweet . Okay, so there was a poopy diaper in the bathroom garbage yesterday, and this is the first time I think there’s been one in there since Daisy has lived here. When I step out of the house, the puppy Lollipop goes in her kennel, and Daisy stays out. Daisy has NEVER gotten into […]


Antique oriental rug history and value?

Tweet . What’s the best way to learn the history and possible value of a large, 13′ x 26′ oriental rug? A friend is thinking about selling hers, and she wonders how to go about this without getting ripped off by a used car(pet) salesman. The rug was made sometime before 1890, probably. […]


HELP! Dog separation anxiety?

Tweet . I have a 2yr old corgi/dachshund/chihuahua mix with bad separation anxiety! I’ve tried everything i could find. I tried distractions but they don’t work, she won’t go near a kennel, I live in an apartment and when i leave she whines and scratches at the door and you can hear it all through […]

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