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Back On My Feet Again – My Pet Insurance Comparison .net

Tweet . For information on finding the best rates on insurance for your dog or cat.


Odds of housebreaking dog who is only used to "doggy door"?

Tweet . I am 1st time fostering to adopt and have had dog only 2 days. She does not go to the door or ask to go out. She is only used to a doggy door. What can I do? Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest


Little Video of Memphis X Caprice Pups Outside

Tweet . Memphis X Caprice pups… 8 weeks old… just a update I sell all my pups for 00. These pups are all sold… Please contact me on other litters I have for sold. These pups turned out just like the first litter litter monsters. If you looking for the #1 type pups come talk […]


my dog door!

Tweet . Other Dog Kennel Accessories Sites of Interest


My dog just got her tail shut in the door, can anyone help please?

Tweet . My chihuahua dog just got her tail jammed in the door, and it closed all the way for about 2 seconds. She doesn’t seem to be crying or anything, only at first for a second or two, and she sits on it and that doesn’t bother her. Our vets office is closed and […]

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