Cat keeps habitually defecating outside the litterbox, not sick, does use the box, eats, sleeps and plays.?


I have an 8 yr. old male cat who has made it a habit of defecating outside his litterbox every once in awhile on our rug. It’s not diarrhea and not constipation because he lets us know when he is having those problems. He is healthy, eats well, sleeps well, does use his litterbox, and has his litterbox cleaned daily, and he is playful as an 8yr. old cat would be. We know we need to use a pet enzyme destroyer to keep him from going on the rug, but once we do that, will he just go somewhere outside the box? Is it behavorial and what can we do to stop it from happening? This is getting annoying…please help..thanks!

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4 Responses to “Cat keeps habitually defecating outside the litterbox, not sick, does use the box, eats, sleeps and plays.?”

  1. infinite crisis 247 says:

    1. have you switched litter brands/type recently? maybe the cat doesn’t like the change.

    2. i would start cleaning the litter box twice daily.

    3. have you recently brought home any other cats or kittens? this coudl be his way of showing displeasure.

    4. cats noses are incredibly powerful and once a cat defecates or urinates on a spot, it will incessantly do it again.

    5. it could be behavioral, but you might want to make an appt. with the vet, just to be on the safe side.

  2. y n says:

    i don’t like cats . get rid of him and maybe you will have more people visit you. i can walk into a house and know if they have a cat . they smell bad.

  3. thehappyemo1214 says:

    is the litterbox full?
    somtimes if there is too much crap in the box my cats go outside of it as sort of a sign to change it

  4. brutusmom says:

    Does your litter box have a LID??? Some cats won’t / don’t like to use a covered litter box. It traps the odors, like an "outhouse" does, and they don’t like it. They’ll go in it to pee, but since the poop smells worse, they don’t want to poop "under cover"…….

    My favorite litter box is a clear plastic 60 qt Rubbermaid container, that I got at Walmart. It’s deep / large enough for my large ( 14 lb ) cat to use, without "over-shooting"….and has plenty of room to turn around in…..This is usually used for storing blankets, etc and has a lid, but I don’t use it. My cats love it……..

    Hope this helps…….Good luck.