Cat Helps Make Bed


Our 14-year-old cat gets playful when we try to make the bed.

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    25 Responses to “Cat Helps Make Bed”

    1. redofdeathGR says:

      lovely 🙂

    2. Righty736 says:

      @RedTiger73 They sure do! Shelter cats seem to be more appreciative, too. I’d rather save a cat from a bad ending in a shelter than have one specially bred!

    3. Dragonroar says:

      That’s a beautiful cat. I have a snowshoe that looks like your cat, but he doesn’t have that black mark on his chin.

    4. buzzybee77 says:

      Aww that’s so sweet!!

    5. BIOHAZARDRG says:

      hes got lightning fast refluxes

    6. babypandagirl321 says:


    7. Ashybearification says:

      Haha. This is cute. My cat does this. It scares the hell out of me sometimes because she sleeps on the bed with me at night and if I shift around under the covers to change how I am laying, she will pounce my feet and stuff. Lol.

    8. alnizia says:

      He’s so handsome! And adorable to boot^_^

    9. kanserstyx says:

      i would be bleeding by then :3

    10. Soundfrequency says:

      Badger? I dunno, if I owned that cat I’d call it “Mime” or “Backwards” or “Negative”, sorta weird markings it’s got there

    11. sshelget says:

      I always say my baby is going to be at least 28. 🙂 Don’t ask me why that number – perhaps I saw in Cat Fancy that a cat lived to be 28. My cat’s only 9 right now, but I tell everyone she’s gonna be 28!

    12. RedTiger73 says:

      Badger is 17 now and has slowed down a bit, but is still feisty when he feels like it. We adopted him from the Michigan Humane Society when he was 5 years old. It was love at first sight. Shelter cats rule! 🙂

    13. hellokitty1977 says:

      Gorgeous kitty. Nice colourings. Nice to hear he’s still going strong at 16. One of my friends had a cat who was 21 so here’s hoping your little pal is around a long while yet. 🙂

    14. omgtacos1991 says:

      ur cat is gorgeous!! 🙂

    15. FredFredBurger234 says:

      14 my cat dyed 1 yea ago and if it have ben alive 1 day more he wot have ben 17 years ^^

    16. aynota says:

      yeah thumbs up to that

    17. strawberry5756 says:

      What a beautiful cat!!!!

    18. LLOYD19851012 says:

      my cat does that and she is 2. i have big holes in my duvat now.

    19. BadMidget says:

      Can’t believe that she/he is already 14 🙂 So playful and agile. Great 🙂

    20. Pinkmiissy says:

      LOL . it is not tt the cat is helping to make bed but cats just catches anything tt moves here and there and there was smth under the bed and ur cat is just trying to get tt thing !

    21. youarethedeal says:

      what a good baby

    22. atrumira says:

      Very handsome markings

    23. gmankan says:

      our cat used to do that too

    24. Anzer666 says:

      im pretty sure the cat is male.

    25. Madey6207 says:

      the voice you made cracked me up