Carnitas the Mini Pig! Plays on a big bed


Carnitas romps around through the pillows and rolls over to have his little pot-belly scratched! See the tail wag, and the sweetest pig ever continue on his quest to be the cutest thing ever.

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25 Responses to “Carnitas the Mini Pig! Plays on a big bed”

  1. notomicropigs says:

    @Barbarellaf – yes, it is not guaranteed that they will stay small and male boars can get aggressive and smelly. They grow up to 3 years, live for up to 15 and glad you have a home elsewhere when it gets big. Micropig breeders have been dishing out refunds.

  2. RainbowNarcissist says:

    My parents are finally letting me get one of these piggies
    what breeder is this little guy from?

  3. TakerBride777 says:

    OMFG !!!!!!! u want the pig as an accessory not an animal to love. Go to hell stupid bitch. I hope u become homeless because u gain 20 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TakerBride777 says:

    @Barbarellaf that poor 20 lb parent. Do ur fucking research stupid bitch

  5. TakerBride777 says:

    @Barbarellaf why couldnt he stay with the ones he loves? no use for him huh? im getting miniature pot bellies & they’re staying INSIDE my home because i love him. If you cant love him as an adult dont take him & that goes for all animals. 40 lbs! that’s bullshit!

  6. LucyInk121 says:

    I think the people who get rid of the pigs are the ones who have them as an accessory, rather than as an animal to love. You wouldn’t boot a human member of the family out of your house, because they grew bigger than you expected, would you. So why is a non-human member of the family any different?

  7. nisha08able says:

    If it has a baby I want one lol

  8. theWarmth2k7 says:

    Just don’t eat her cousins or you’re just a hypocrite who chooses which animals deserve love and toys while others are born and raised solely to be consumed by humans.

  9. beautyaddict79 says:


  10. leobreedlove says:

    AWWWW He is sooo cute! dont get these pigs mixed up with potbellied pigs. It’s the potbellied pigs that usualy get to large for the owner to handle. Plus, if you see what the parents look like then you pretty much know what your getting (usualy but not always) Congrats on your new addition to your family 🙂

  11. Dhime says:

    lol, epic naming. Carnitas ftw.

  12. tessamri says:

    @Barbarellaf Just wondering, did you get to see the parents when you picked up the piglet, or no?

  13. tessamri says:

    @missmusic617 Pigs are NOTHING like puppies. They are MUCH smarter and get MUCH bigger. We have a little potbelly, she is the length of a medium size dog but she weighs 120 pounds. She is a little overweight for a pig. My piggy was $75, and spaying her was $230. You have to make sure there is a potbelly/miniature pig vet in your neighborhood. Pigs are a ton of work, they need lots of attention and they MUST be able to go outside and graze/root. Do some serious homework first. 🙂

  14. lozzababe62 says:

    awww cant wait till dinna baconnn

  15. richieboyland2 says:

    OMG how could you put him that name????

  16. iSayiSaid says:

    …I’ll trade you my house for him. I would.

  17. Sarahbellum820 says:

    wow nice name for a pig…lol

  18. titibu1 says:


  19. spmok4 says:

    cutest piglet!

  20. missmusic617 says:

    Omg the cutest thing I’ve seen I’ve been trying to convince my mom and she’s like no do u see how big they get so I’m gonna show her this vid and can u please answer this 1: do they get WAAAY bigger like pot belly pigs? 2: how much did it cost 3: is it ALOT of work to take care of it or is it like taking care of a puppy?

  21. nicoleriskt says:

    where do you get one, and how much money was it?

  22. rectumpetteri says:

    0:32 fuuk youuuu

  23. nena505 says:

    He so sweet, he just wants to be cuddled…squeal!!!!

  24. sunshine2264 says:

    this is a cute video of the pig

  25. Barbarellaf says:

    @Geebrr This little guy’s not a farm hog. He’s expected to get no more than 40, but we’ll wait and see, and if he ends up getting really huge, his parents have a farm where they will keep him and continue to love him.