Can Siberian Huskies Live In Saudi Arabia ?

Can Siberian Huskies Live In Saudi Arabia ?


It does get hot here in the summer gets up to 50 degree C and 10 degrees C in the winter I have a large yard and a built in kennel with a roof and air conditioning and I’m 15 so I’ll be in school from 7 to 2 but I have arranged for someone to walk him as often as it requires.. when I get home I’ll do my homework so I’ll be able to play and train with him from 3 till 8 EVERYDAY and ALL DAY in the weekends, I have done all the research I possibly can in the past 4 months my parents like the breed but even after all my research I still couldn’t find an answer for this question…

PS. At What Age Is It Recommended To Get This Dog ?
It Will Be Strictly An Outdoor Dog… (it won’t be chinned up for any time other than bed time and when I’m at school *other than the walks I arranged for him while I’m there*)

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6 Responses to “Can Siberian Huskies Live In Saudi Arabia ?”

  1. Mashael says:

    oh and i forgot to mention about getting a siberian husky into the country you can do i imported both of my dogs one of them i just got 3 months ago and no problems in getting him in.
    As for the perfect age to get the dog in around 2 months or 2 and half because that’s when real socialization is required with dogs and humans and training as well i got my male when he was 3 months old and he’s doing great

  2. Mashael says:

    I’ve owned a siberian husky and i live in riyadh and now i own two alaskan malamutes close cousins to the huskies but bigger one of them is a WOOLY one lots of hair and they are strictly out door dogs i built them a big house with an AC colder than mine lol and they are doing great! no problems what so ever as long as the dog has shade and water and a lot of human contact it will be just fine 🙂 good luck with you sibe! they are a stubborn breed that require a strong leader

  3. Mintee says:

    ive seen loads of long haired dogs while living inside Aramco community housing.. But I feel sorry for them.. In high summer they just cant be left outside.. Even in shade its just too hot.. Would you want to sit outside in 120F weather with a full body fur coat on? I wouldnt.. .. Most keep the dog inside and just take them out at night for walks..
    Also I know it seems odd, but lots of the owners just clip down the hair in the summer..

  4. Twatusay says:

    Yes they can survive there, be sure to supply plenty of shade and water. You may also want to clip the hair regularly leaving about 3cm cover. Take the dog for regular long walks after sundown when it is more cool. . .it will need the exercise!!!!
    Good luck, as a 15 year old you will not find a better friend or more love

  5. Fairies wear boots says:

    For a sibirian Husky it might be easier to adopt Saudi weather condition than to enter the country. Please note, dogs can only be imported if they are defined as ‘guard dogs’ or ‘hunting dogs’.

  6. Marcel Stuart says:

    I have seen this asked before, I’m having the same issues would you let me know how you solve them?