Can I put any old basket on my bike and put my little 10 lb pomeranian in it?


I’d line it with something so it’s a bit more comfy for him? All the pet baskets are like over 50 bucks it’s insane and i’m not paying for that.
First of all I told him yall called him fat, and he isn’t too pleased to hear that. Second, of all of course I would have him on his leash so he couldn’t jump out, he’s very well trained and he’s not stupid… I’m just taking him around the neighborhood slowly not the tour-de-france so he wouldn’t be falling out I hope.

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    10 Responses to “Can I put any old basket on my bike and put my little 10 lb pomeranian in it?”

    1. Json Rosenberg says:

      I would personally use a small back pack turned around so that it is on your stomach. That way you can tighten the straps and keep him close to you. You can even sew a harness to the inside of the back pack, like a seat belt. But yes, you should walk him. Train him to walk beside you while you bike. He might be slow at first but I’m sure he’ll grow to love it, even for just short rides. You’ll be surprised at how fast little dogs can go.

    2. •Poppy• says:

      I don’t see why not — as long as it’s a sturdy basket and you attach it securely.

      I would start with him slowly — teach him to stay in the basket. Or you could get a harness for him and rig it to the basket; like a seatbelt.

    3. Lelee says:

      I have a wheelchair and I got a black square plastic basket at Wal mart to put behind me. I made pads for the sides and bottom and a seat belt to fasten their harnesses to. I have two small Chihuahuas and they need to have their space defined as the female is no lady and the little guy only fights when attacked.They are spayed and neutered. She is a rescue that is still learning manners. Trevor weighs four pounds and Gidget weighs 5 1/2 pounds.

    4. Schnauzer Girl says:

      Yes, you could, but that could be a bad idea that will result and thousands of dollars.

      Even if you take him slow, which I am sure you will, he could get something in his eye. In the movies they make dogs riding in the car so glorious, when its not. Also, he could jump out, and even if he’s on a leash, that makes an even bigger problem. If he jumps, the leash will get tangles in your wheels and you will fall.

      Your right, pet baskets are a waste of money. I think you should just walk him\

      *Who called him fat? He’s 10 pounds!*

    5. J Alves says:

      If your dog jumps or falls he could be badly hurt.

    6. Puppyluv says:

      Not my problem if the ‘little 10 lb pomeranian’ dies from falling out of the unsteady basket.

    7. KiTTY says:

      I honestly wouldn’t, because the bike basket probably wouldn’t hold up your pup’s weight (even though he’s only ten pounds.) It also isn’t really made for carrying dogs, so, no, I don’t think it’s the best idea.

    8. Cat says:

      No it mite brake

    9. first 48 says:

      yes of course. people train there dogs to surf, skateboard, ride on motorcycles, climb ladders, ride in strollers and even ride on bikes.

    10. oregano13 says:

      "Pet Baskets" for bikes have sturdy harness systems built in that keep the dog properly contained entirely within the basket. They generally fasten to three sides to keep the dog centered, as otherwise they could end up hanging over the edge. I would not put a dog in some random basket and trust its safety to me holding the leash when I also have to control the bike at the same time. Well-trained or not, if most dogs spot something extra-attractive (like a squirrel, rabbit, etc), they’ll try to go after it, and in the time it takes you to react could jump out of the basket easily and end up hurt.

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