ο»Ώ Can a dog go 10 hours in a kennel with no water?

Can a dog go 10 hours in a kennel with no water?


For ONE day? My boyfriend and I plan on going to a friends lakehouse for a party tomorrow but we are worried about leaving his dog. Will she be ok without food or water for 10 hours during the day? She will be inside in the air conditioning.

Rehome our dog? Are you kidding me??

We SAVED our dog from a bad situation and she is in a very good one now with 2 responsible owners who love her very much. If I dodn’t care about her I wouldn’t ask this question.

Rehome my dog…that is ridiculous.

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20 Responses to “Can a dog go 10 hours in a kennel with no water?”

  1. Kit_kat says:

    lt me put it this way often when a dog needs sutrgery they tell you to stop food and water after midnight
    often these dogs dont’ have surgery until later the following afternoon and go more than 10 hours
    yes it’s not something you should do often but just once there shouldn’t bea problem

  2. Maxi says:

    You always need to have water available for your dog..it is a basic right in dog care

  3. Taylor says:

    She’d probably be OK but I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS! Is there a room or something where you can put the dog, such as a bathroom so that she will have access to food and water? Also make sure you take her out to the bathroom before you leave. How would you like waiting 10 hours without going to the bathroom? πŸ˜› If you can, try to leave the dog with access to food and water.

  4. Jessie says:

    Can they? Yes. Should they? No!

    Go buy a Lixit at Petsmart, Petco, etc. teach the dog to use it today.

    Or hire a dogwalker to take the dog out and water it. Or come back in the middle of the day and do it yourself.

    Welcome to life with a dog. It changes your schedule and responsibilities. If you can’t handle it, rehome the dog.

  5. Sko says:

    You can freeze the water in a bowl so it melts slowly. Your dog needs water.

  6. Hayley says:

    food yes as after 13months they are on one meal a day and thats at night….but they need water all through the day…just leave a bowl or maybe two as you wont be their to top it up for her.

    hope this helps

  7. Erika says:

    No, she really needs some water and some time out of the kennel. Have someone stop by to let her out and play.

  8. Katherine says:

    well think about it this way. Can you live with out water for 10 hours? And cant you just leave some water for the dog??? Hope this helps.

  9. Adam says:

    Your dog will be fine…
    she’ll drink what she needs as soon as you get home and let her out of the kennel. I got two of my own, I speak from experience. She’ll be fine!!

  10. Ferret Queen says:

    Just leave a couple of bowls of water out and feed her before you leave.

    Do NOT give her something tp chew, like a rawhide or bone, as theseneed supervision in case they choke.

    Instead, leave lots of durable toys which won’t break.

  11. ~β™₯Shelby S.β™₯~ says:

    It would be safer if you but a little bit of water in the kennel with her. She can go without food but she can get sick without having water. It will cause her stomach to get upset and then she could throw up. It has happened to my dog and I dont want it to happen to your boyfriends!!

    Hope I helped and best of luck! πŸ™‚

  12. zane says:

    you could always bring her or him to the lakehouse with you. its always fun to have a dog around πŸ™‚

  13. BJB says:

    Well she wouldn’t DIE, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea!

    I think she would be very distressed without water for so long, and can’t understand why you think it’s impossible to leave food and water for her? If you are worried about her peeing in the house, then just leave limited water for her, but leaving her with none is really unfair.

    And why not leave her a bone or chew so she has something to do for ten hours?

    You’ll enjoy the party much more if you know she’s safe and comfortable.

  14. amethyst1985 says:

    Always keep clean fresh water available for your dog. Imagine going 10 hours without fluid… it’s worse for an animal. My suggestion is if she’s going to be inside for a long period of time to have more than one bowl filled with water.

  15. Dreaming Of Angels On The Moon says:

    She’ll be fine without food, but I would suggest leaving a bowl of water out for her or having a friend or neighbor come out and water her at some point in the day. Make sure you feed her before you leave though.

  16. overnightdeejay says:


    Food and water need to be provided.

  17. JoanniiF says:

    Water is a MUST. Just leave some in a bowl. I’m sure the dog will be fine with out food tho if you feed her before you go out.

  18. Dale A says:

    Can you not get a neighbour or friend to check on her at some point during the day?

    In general I’d say probably not a good idea, but likely would be fine.

  19. bells3011 says:

    She’ll be fine w/o food. But why cant you leave a little bit of water out for her?

  20. Megan S says:

    yes a dog could but it isnt suggested:(