Can a dog get worms after eating raw hamburger?

Can a dog get worms after eating raw hamburger?


After I put some hamburger on the kitchen counter, I got a call from the kids’ school and had to leave. I thought I had latched my dogs kennel all the way but didn’t. When I got home she was sitting at the door and the hamburger was on the floor. Should I take her to the vet asap?

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9 Responses to “Can a dog get worms after eating raw hamburger?”

  1. Malik Nelson says:

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  2. Stacey says:

    Raw hamburger is fine to feed dogs. It may be the best meal he has had lately.

  3. Mary Contrary says:

    So you’re worried about your dog but will happily feed (cooked) beef to your family thinking there might be worms in it?

  4. Bistro Didi says:

    Your dog is not going to get worms by eating this meat.

  5. merlinandmeimei says:

    Absolutely not!

    ( unless there are worms already in the meat, and chances are you’d see them).

    Fresh hamburger meat is an excellent source of protein.

    Worms don’t come from fresh or raw meat, unless it is meat that you get from a local , backyard farmer who’s raised his livestock on garbage ( as was done in the past with swine).

    If you feed your dog quality store bought meat, in an area outside free of dirt and debris then there is no reason for your dogs to have worms from eating raw meat. This is an old wives tale.

  6. My Dogs are Obligate Carnivores says:

    My dogs get raw hamburger, raw chicken, raw fish, ect all the time… they don’t have worms.

  7. Bean Bean says:

    Lol Raw meat is fine for dogs.

    If you are worried, just keep an eye on her poop for the next few dyas.
    No worms, no blood, no problem 🙂

    Diarreah might happen tho

  8. tbug says:

    She will be fine.

  9. Julie D. says:

    The dog is fine. Don’t take it to the Vet unless your Vet needs a good laugh. He/she may think it’s April Fools instead of Valentine’s Day.