Can a dog bring bacteria indoors that cause human UTI?

Can a dog bring bacteria indoors that cause human UTI?


This may sound like a weird question, but I suffer from recurrent UTIs. In fact, I have an appoitment w/ a Urologist next week to see how the bacteria keeps invading. I need answers as to why I keep getting them even though I take all precautions (cotton uw, Cranberry, water ect) As for my question, I was watching Jay Leno and he made a joke that doctors have linked UTI w/ dog owners. (punch line: they must be petting the wrong end!) The link makes sense if you think about it. My dog is taken outside walking thru who-knows-what when doing her business (where other dogs have gone). She comes inside sits on the couch, bed, ect (she is a small dog) and voila! bacteria everywhere. I also give her weekly baths, but she has long hair which I am sure is a magnet. Has anyone else heard of this new study?

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    4 Responses to “Can a dog bring bacteria indoors that cause human UTI?”

    1. the_only_solorose says:

      ummmm, no, just being around the dog will not cause UTI, of course, unnatural acts with the dog will.
      Oral sex will cause UTI if your partner doesn’t brush and rinse with mouth wash prior.
      Not urinating immediately after sex will also cause a UTI.
      The urologist will be able to tell you more.

    2. raysmithson1 says:

      one reason the Asian people leave shoes at the door

    3. Sapphire922 says:

      I’m pretty sure a dog could.

    4. someone says:

      the nurse is correct. The dog isn’t giving you UTI’s. If you’re still concerned about that, wash your hands before using the washroom.

      In addition to what the nurse said, Bubble baths have been linked to UTI’s (espescially in younger females). Also, some people are just more prone to UTI’s due to their natural flora (just as some women always get yeast infections while others get bacterial vaginosis).

      I’m a microbiologist (just finishing my PhD).