Bulgarian Shepherd Dog


The BSD is a true working dog with great working characteristics, combined with stabilized exterior appearance. ORIGIN: Till now the genesis of the molossoides dogs in our country is undetermined. From time to time in different printed materials appear publications, which in big degree are emotionally ornate, commonly close to the intrigue and authors self-prove, without serious well-founded statements. For this not small group of dogs, assimilated to sheep breeding traditions of the Balkan Peninsula population there arent any complex scientific researches. The several more-detailed publications based their seriousness on small excerpts, which when variation-statistically processed remain mathematically doubtful. FUNCTION: BSD is not home companion, who may lie on the sofa, go for walks in the noisy town among people and cars, running joyfully in parks together with fellows from every kind and sort of breeds. BSD has to possess strictly tangible working properties/characteristics, combined with stabilized exterior appearance. This dog defends pets, guards the farm, and looks for his master and family safety. It is inadmissible to be without guarding instinct, even worse is if the dog is afraid of the farm animals or to be aggressive against them and to attack them. During ages this dog was selected in order to guard without command it is difficult to predict his attack and biting. SCIENTIFIC, SYSTEMATIC AND ECONOMIC (USEFUL) CLASSIFICATION: When trying to scientifically

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